I'm un-treechanging!

Yes folks, after my epic tree-change of 2009, I’m moving back to suburbia.

A number of factors have come to help me make my decision. The Bloke and I are at that stage of our relationship where I feel that I will live here to my end of days, caring for him in his old age, and stagnating in my own cesspool of boredom and mediocrity.

My daughter has recently had her second child and I want to be around little kids, a lot. They enervate me, and they like me too because I give them lollies and shit! Just like a Nana should! :stuck_out_tongue:

My boyz, whilst grown up now, are perhaps still needing their mum around a bit more than I thought. Being 350km away hasn’t helped when they’ve had their crises…being closer will make things that much easier.

I’m BORED SHITLESS working from home here in the sticks. My old job (yeah, in a callcentre, sue me) has welcomed me back with open arms, but seeing as I haven’t burnt any bridges, I can now continue with BOTH jobs, one in a callcentre, and one from home…giving me the flexibility to rock both!

Aaaaand, I’ve just been approved for a tenancy in a villa unit, at a price I can well afford, and close to transport and shopping and shit.

I are a happy old crone tonight! :slight_smile:

Congrats! Sounds like an excellent move for you in so many ways.

Melbourne. It’s just irresistable. Why try?


My husband used to talk about moving away (more of a sea change thing with him, though). For a while, when I was in my thirties, the idea appealed.

The older I get, though, the less I like the idea. We are well placed here with public transport, shops, doctors, hospitals etc. If I’m still here when I’m 80 (pretty unlikely) and I am not allowed to drive, I won’t be housebound. The library is a short walk away and the nearest Event cinema is a 10 minute bus ride away. The idea of heading off to the country, knowing no one, having access to very few services holds no appeal at all.

Congratulations on locating and facilitating the next adventure in your life.

(Life’s supposed to be messy. If you do it right, it’s a beautiful mess!)

Please keep us posted on how you settle in because it all sounds so awesome!

Does this mean the end of a relationship with The Bloke? And did you really mean enervate…suck all the life out of you?

Back to civilisation! Or at least as much as Melbourne can offer. :slight_smile: