I'm back!!!!!!

Yay! So, what’s going on around here?

My family and I have successfully moved to the Central Coast of Australia. We’ve moved into a rental house, bought some furniture (and a computer!), connected to the internet (broadband!), and now patiently await the 30 boxes that we haven’t seen for two months.

What’s new wit choo?

Welcome back. I assume you moved from the states? How hard was it, why did you move, what are you impressions so far? Did you ever visit Oz before moving there?

Yes, I moved from the U.S. My husband is from the town we’ve moved to, so for him, we’re home. I’ve visited a couple times, nothing extended. The move itself wasn’t so hard, just a PITA. My son is turning 1 next week, so it was a fun trip. He actually did impressively well on the plane, but travelling with an infant is what it is. We sold almost everything we owned and mailed about thirty small boxes. Getting to buy all new stuff has been fun.

Impressions so far: freakin’ cold. It’s funny, because it’s not really that cold out - it’s been about 70 (aka 19) most days, some rain here and there. The thing is, no one (where we’ve been at least) has central heating. It makes for surprisingly chilly nights. It also isn’t helping that my good winter clothes haven’t arrived yet. I’ve been surviving for two months with two pairs of pants, three shirts, and a sweatshirt. Any day now!
I’ve also found the prices absolutely shocking. Since we’re planning on being here forever, we’ve been scouting out real estate. We couldn’t buy a bathroomless cabin in the woods for what we sold our four bedroom house in the U.S. for. We’re trying to adjust our plans.
The food is very different for me (everything seems much sweeter), and I’m getting used to that, too; although, I probably shouldn’t even try - I’ve lost 8 pounds since we’ve been here (and this is a good thing :slight_smile: ). The very good part about the food situation is that there is so much more healthy food available, both at the grocery store and in the fast-food area. I can easily find stuff without added sugar, preservatives, hydrogenated veg oil, etc. when I go shopping.
The laid back work environment has been great. I stay at home with my son, but my husband’s work week is about 36 hours and his work atmosphere is fantastic. It’s nice to have him around so much and for him to be non-stressed.
Hmmmm, what else. I guess as an American, it’s been interesting to me to see how much the U.S. comes up in the media.

That’s about it, I guess. I’m now patiently awaiting a Sydney Dopefest!

You find Sydney laid-back :eek: And yes, part of the reason we kinda get a bit annoyed at Americans stems from the fact that you’re on the TV all the freaking time. No central heating is a good thing. You don’t really need it here, and we’d like our environment to go as slow down the plughole as possible :wink:
I’m awaiting a Brisvegas Dopefest :cool: