My new recumbent cruiser bike

Normally I wouldn’t brag about my new toys here, but I thought this might interest or amuse you. I don’t have a photo of mine but it’s identical to the one pictured in the link. Front wheel drive, 7 speed (internal gear hub), 26" wheels. Made by a custom motorcycle designer, only 3 were made before he quit and went back to motorcycles. I was lucky enough to snag it on eBay last week, and it arrived a few days ago.

As you might expect, it’s pretty tricky to ride. Because the crank bearing (“bottom bracket”) is fixed to the fork, pushing on the pedals tend to turn the steering. And even without that effect, the extreme angle of the head tube (steering axis) makes handling tricky. But I guess this bike isn’t about pefromance and user-friendliness…

That is about as whacky as a bike can get, not that this is a bad thing, you will definately be noticed, methinks its suited to just steadily rolling up and down long coastal boulevards.

Does it have any brakes ?


Shimano Nexus 7’s have a hub brake btw