My next project? Glueing spice bottlecaps.

So here I was, frying up bacon pieces to use in fried noodles. I decided I would add coarse ground pepper to the bacon, since it was a lot of bacon, and some of it was destined for salads. So I nonchalantly open the bottle and dump ABOUT A QUARTER CUP OF PEPPER on the bacon. Fortunately, said bacon was barely beginning to get flaccid, so I dumped it into the fine sieve and tried to rinse off the pepper. But bacon is really sticky, so the best I can hope for if really peppery bacon and not bacony pepper. :mad:
So I’m gluing the caps on spice bottles if there is a dispenser built in. And yes, I did just add a pepper grinder to my Amazon cart, thankyewverymuch. Grumble grumble bitch piss&moan. . But I still gotta use up the remaining pepper, one quarter cup or less at a time…

Oh, by the way - anybody got any tips on getting pepper out of a fine mesh sieve?:smack:

blackened grouper/talapia, steak, chicken…coat then freeze for later. :cool:

under running water rub it from the backside. rub it good. rub it until you feel smooth success.

Thanks, johnpost - that and elbow grease finally worked.
By the way, the noodles were quite tasty, and a lot lighter than usual. Relief!