My niece's fan art re Homestuck on Snoop Dogg's fb page

I confess I don’t even really know what Homestuck is, but my niece is a fan and she made this fan art. What is cool is that Snoop Dogg gave a shout out to her on his Facebook page. He is the main attraction so it’s not hard to understand why, but it’s still pretty cool. I’m proud of her! Should this post be in the Game Room?

Your niece drew that? It’s great! My daughter is a fan of Homestuck also - it’s a webcomic that’s become popular over the past couple of years and has a small but active fandom. She and her friends cosplay as characters from Homestuck, and I will join them at a future convention also. The two characters in the picture with Snoop Dogg are named Meulin and Nepeta, and they usually wear more clothes than that. They are trolls from another planet, hence the gray skin and horns. I’d go into more detail in explaining Homestuck, but I don’t want to be here all night. It’s just a great webcomic, a bit complicated and confusing if you’re not into non-linear storytelling, but once you get into it, it’s addictive.

Thanks! I know she has mentioned it over the years, but I have really never looked into it or at it. I just read a little about the fans and they do seem dedicated - neat.

My daughter is obsessed with Homestuck. She dresses up, draws pictures, all that. Nice picture!

That’s awesome! No matter what you think about Snoop or rap or whatever *Homestuck *is, there’s no denying that Snoop is a HUGE star and to get your work appreciated and passed on by him is a major accomplishment!

And that’s a great pic!