My nomination for "Dogshit of the Year" Award - grow-op fire culprit

This guy has a grow-op that catches fire in the middle of the night in a residential neighbourhood - his response is to get out with his dogs and not notify 911 that his neighbours are all in danger of burning to death. No one died, but the fire left 11 people homeless without anything but the clothes on their backs, and four dogs and eight cats dead. Nice. I learned something new - around here, the charge for not alerting people that the house next door is on fire is “arson by negligence.”

He was likely afraid, rightly, that had he contacted the authorities to let them know, he’d be charged with production of drugs.

And technically, a person is guilty of arson by negligence when:

What’s a “grow-op”?

A building dedicated to cannabis cultivation. I think it’s just a Canadian term.


US federal and local law enforcement seem to use the term regularly.

I don’t see how he saved himself any prosecution since they seem to have established it was a grow-op. He just added an arson charge.

Not commenting on the stupidity or culpability here but ,how does one house catching on fire in a blizzard spread to 4 other houses and 12 vehicles?

Are Calgary homes made out of kindling and built over garages 5 feet apart from each other?

There were very high winds that night. The fire blew from one house to the next, much like a forest fire.

Close on both counts. The houses in this neighbourhood, as in most Calgary suburbs, are wood frame construction, clad in vinyl siding. They are certainly built close together–if not five feet, then no more than eight to ten feet, I would guess.

Actually, if I recall correctly, this was the street that the fire trucks wern’t able to access because the douche-bags that run this POS city don’t think clearing snow from residential streets is necessary. (I may be misremembering though - that could be ANOTHER multi-home fire).

Oh - and to the OP - I agree someone needs to punch this guy right in the penis.

No, you had it right. In addition to blowing the fire to other houses, the winds from the winter storm that night created huge snowdrifts on the street and the fire equipment couldn’t get to the scene of the fire. Apparently, the fire department was supposed to call the city who would have dispatched a plow; which was a plan that most Calgarians didn’t think much of.

When I lived in Calgary, the usual “plan”, or at least expectation, was that snow gets cleared off the side streets there by waiting for the next Chinook! I am serious.

See, this is why we need to legalize marijuana. So that people who want to grow and prepare it can do so openly in proper industrial/commercial/agricultural facilities. They should have gone after this guy for everything from building-code violations to breaking industrial-safety regs.

Five feet? Luxury. New homes are about 2 inches apart, so as to squeeze more into a given subdivision. I’ve never heard a fireman say a good thing about such zoning practices. Fires don’t jump from house to house, neighbouring houses just burst into flame through radiative heating.

Just a bit of background for those unfamiliar with what grow-ops are…

“Building code violations” are the best term to use; although “homemade uninspected electrical work” would fit just fine. Basically, the grower reroutes the house’s power supply such that power bypasses the electrical meter, and may also bypass the breakers. The grower is going to need a lot of electricity; and the amount he needs will alert the power company that something wonky is going on if the power went through the meter. In addition to this extremely dangerous jury-rigging of the house’s power, the grower then rewires the interior so he can install grow lights. In the end, you’ve usually got what isn’t a professional electrical job but one that is carrying huge amounts of power; and further, one that often bypasses many, if not most, of the breakers and other electrical safety features.

As for industrial safety regs, I’m unsure if they would apply, even in a grow-op situation. Might make an interesting question though: “Do industrial safety regulations and occupational safety and health regulations apply to illegal grow-ops?” Hey, if Al Capone could finally be busted for income tax evasion on income earned from illegal bootlegging, then … why not? :slight_smile:

Yeah, but then private growers will never be able to compete with Big Weed.

Most of the reason indoor grow ops exist is to escape police detection. Most individuals would be growing outside. Also, were it not for the illegality people wouldn’t need do this dangerous electrical

You are SUCH a girl. :wink: While there is certainly a piercing, painful experience to being hit in the penis, if you really want to hurt a guy, you gotta catch 'im in the bean-bag. That’s where the crippling, want to vomit up bile sensation comes from.

Sorry about not defining the term “grow-op” - I’m so used to living in the grow-op capital of North America that I forgot not everyone might know the term. :slight_smile:

I can understand him not wanting his illegal operation to get discovered, but seriously, dude - go ring a frigging doorbell before you skedaddle, or call 911 from your cell or something. It’s on fire already - I think the discovery ship has sailed.