My normal day at work.

(well actually 2 days, but I will compress for effect)

The MD of the company has left, very suddenly (looks like he’s been bought out)

The 20 something lesbian from upstairs, who I caught kissing the 20something non-lesbian from America (who is with us to oversee the callcentre) is meeting a 60 year old woman from australia (who claimed to be 20something) tonight. She is going to pretend to be a man named Lee.
Normal day. I wonder what will happen next.

Truth is Stranger than fiction

Unless I’m much mistaken, that sounds like the kind of place I’d like to work!

Very perceptive of you samarm for figuring out why I bolded my first letter. (actually I am not looking to compete with any other threads. It was just an idea on the spur of the moment)

Xenophobia is what I’d feel on the Isle of Man with a woman-kissing woman meeting a woman as a man.

You missed out W… but don’t worry about it.

Zoned out. Sorry

Stopping this trend in its tracks :wink:

Regret starting this sequential thing here. (renders the OP irrelevant)

Please tell me we aren’t doing this again

Apparently without any alphabetical integrity.

But can’t we keep talking about lesbian gropers at work?

Can we, can we, can we?

Doubtful that the lezbian at my work would evoke the same feelings as the Tatu lezbians.

Even I can’t spell everything right. ‘lesbian’ not ‘lezbian’

Fuggedaboutit. Now, where I work we’re not allowed to speak of sex or lezbeans or any of that. It’s all good clean ethical fun. Tell us more!