Office Sex Party; You In?

Press reports indicate at least one office of the New York City Housing Authority had at least one sex party.

I looked around, nothing but middle-aged male English, math and chemistry teachers. I decided they could just count me out.

How about your office?

New office: “Uh… appreciate the invite, but I’ve other plans.”
Old office: “What do you need me to bring?”

Currently in a classroom filled with high school students.

Pass. In every possible way.

My office has a number of young, attractive women in it. That being said, I’m very happily married. If I were not very happily married, I can not even imagine the amount of discomfort and general awkwardness that would eventually arise from having to work day in and day out with people with whom you have participated in essentially an orgy with. This seems to me to be a fantabulously bad idea regardless of the attractiveness or genders of your co-workers.

How in the hell is this possibly a thing nowadays? I’d get fired just mentioning it.

No, quite emphatically. Besides the fact I have no interest in casual sex, my interaction with the women here I find attractive is to conceal all detectable interest in them, as best as I am able - anything else would be extraordinarily unprofessional, rude, and contributory to both a hostile work environment for them and a reputation as a creep for me. There’s no way I want to do anything that will make that professional demeanor harder to maintain.

I’m retired now, but looking back at my last place… Not just NO, but HELL NO!! <Runs screaming from the room!>

At one place I worked, there were five men (including me and my boss), all 40-ish. There were also at least ten women ages 22-30, and several of them were smokin’ hot.

My boss called the five of us “lawsuits waiting to happen.”


I’m quite happily married, thanks.

And in my work group, I’m old enough to be the mother of at least 3 of my coworkers, including the boss, and grandmother of the other 6. Even if you remove the age and marital issues, none of them are my type anyway. Not to mention the wisdom of “don’t shit where you eat” and variations thereof…

I work by myself.


For the most part just a bunch of dudes so no.

yeah, no.

  1. I’m 62.
  2. Lots of other people here in their 60s and above.
  3. Ick.

I don’t think it has ever been a good idea to have relations or ‘just’ flirtations with co-workers. Seems exceedingly unwise.

I would need to know who else has RSVP’ed. And, of course, who will suddenly discover they have other plans when they find out I have been invited.

I am a contractor - under which project do I report my time?


If I did that now (old and fat) I would pretty much just be on the sidelines handing out the baby oil. If I’d done it years ago (young and gorgeous) I would have been overwhelmed by men competing for my attention and sulking if they weren’t chosen.

I’ve always had a rule that I didn’t date within a ten-mile radius of my office. That meant not only no co-workers, but no sons, nephews, buddies or brothers-in-law of coworkers. The one and only time I broke that rule (friend at work set me up with friend of hers) I wound up with a full-on psychopath who has made my life a living hell ever since.

So, yeah, that’s a big old “Nope!” for me.

Ain’t no party like a lemon party!

What if the company(and therefore, your department) was shutting down?

We have five dudes and one woman. Any other considerations aside, I’m taking a pass.