My Nose is a Fountain of Snot

Well, spring is here in the great state of Michigan, which can only mean one thing for the Dirty Earthworm: every morning when I wake up, I will sneeze uncontrolably for two hours or more because it’s ALLERGY SEASON!

Oh, sure, the weather is great and I love the sun and the breeze and the driving around without having to turn the heat on, but I HATE HATE HATE having allergies. I can’t go outside for more than an hour without my eyes itching and drying out and my throat tickling and my nose becoming the mucus equivalent of a waterfall. My sinuses have decided to work in shifts; one can work while the other naps or eats lunch or whatever the hell it’s doing.

Granted, some days (like today) are worse than others. Hell, some days I don’t even notice anything. But shit … it’s days like today that make me wish I had a removable nose. Sure, I’d look pretty weird walking around without a nose, but it would be a damn sight better than sneezing every 15 seconds.

There isn’t really much I can do about it, either. I can’t take any OTC allergy medication, because it will knock me out, regardless if it is the “daytime” or “nighttime” formula. I can’t get a prescription for anything, because I have no insurance (but that will hopefully be changing here shortly), and apparently I can’t even post a pit thread about it, because doing so has just made me start sneezing again.

I am utterly fucked. :frowning:


Oh I feel your pain! I sympathize entirely! I am a fellow sufferer, though I’ve got precisely one month before my spring allergies start. It’s grass and tree pollen for me, and it saturates the Kentucky air for a month beginning on or around May 15. I’ve had long years to oberve this and my records are precise. :wink: I refer to it as the toxic season. I imagine I’m a visitor from another world, and am slowly being poisoned by Earth’s atmosphere. Have you ever had air give you hives? I am a stranger in a strange land.

I hope you can get insurance, Dirty, because Allegra helps me a lot. It pretty much negates the whole allergy experience. I took shots year around for years only to have the symptoms merely diminished, not alleviated.

Ah choo! Good luck dealing with the misery.

I just wanted to say that I loved the thread title.

Here, have a Kleenex.