My own questions about 'The Village' (Spoilers)

Alright, so the people were distraught over the loss of their family members to violent crime, so they decided to form a community in the ‘village’ where there would be only innocence, where nobody would have to deal with the loss of loved ones at the hands of evil people.

Here’s the question: why did they decide to start speaking in that dorky dialect? With all the clunky, overdramatized speech patterns, with the whole “creatures whose names must not be spoken,” “color which must not be seen,” “old shed that must not be used” bullshit? Why did they have to start speaking like assholes in theatrical tones?

Why did they decide to wear only dorky clothes, complete with buttresses (huge ass-extending things under the womens’ dresses)?

Where did they get that piano that was being played at the wedding party? I am unwilling to believe that they hand-crafted a piano in the village. Did none of the non-elders ever inquire about how the piano was made and where it came from?

On that note, how did the people in the village carry out construction, building maintenance, wood and metal working? All the Elders seemed to be ex-urban-professionals; none of them seemed like they could just abandon their desk job and take up blacksmithing and carpentry! On that same note, where did they get the glass in their windows? Did all the non-Elders simply accept that the glass just appeared out of nowhere, and did none of the children ask their parents “what is that?” There were also glass lamps and plenty of other things that must have been bought elsewhere; nobody enquired about all that junk?

Finally, they moved to the village to escape the cruelty of the real world, yet none of them ever considered that their children and other people still oblivious to the outside world might kill each other regardless? People argue and fight in any culture; there seemed to be plenty of attractive girls to be fought over, in any case. There were sharp objects all over the place; nobody ever got pissed and shanked someone in the ribs with a kitchen knife?

There, M. Night Shayamalayamanaman, answer those.

This is one of the stupidest plots I have ever seen.

Shame on you Shayma-lama-ding-dong.

“I don’t want people to suffer from life’s horrible events, so I’ll imprison them and terrorfy them with monsters!”

And I thought Batman and Robin sucked.

Well, William Hurt’s character mentioned that he was an American History professor at the University of Pennsylvania. Other than that, I have no idea why they’d decide to act out the 1890s (notice that the tombstone in the begining of the movie was 1897).

Well, they did have pianos back in the 1800s. Perhaps they brought it and the other antique furniture in on a U-Haul when they started the village. :smiley:

I just saw the movie and am asking the same questions, OP.

Another thing I wanna know: would it have KILLED the director to tell us what color Joaquin Phoenix is?

This movie was a POS. What was he thinking?!

Wait… so the twist really IS what that thread from a few months ago said it was? Holy crap, that’s amazingly dumb. :smiley:

I KNOW what color Joaquin Phoenix is. He’s yellow, the color of chickenshits who are afraid to go into the woods and have to have a blind girl go instead.

Just FYI, you’re probably thinking about bustles. The women in The Villiage were not wearing bustles. Just corsets and full petticoats.

Just got back from seeing it and I am a historical costuming enthusiast :wink:

Aside from that, I asked myself all the same questions. However, I really liked the movie anyway!

I was just wondering why he bothered to have a tombstone with the year 1897 on it. The only reason it would be there is to fool the audience, because what difference does it make to the children what year it is? It could 3857 to them, they don’t know any better or have any knowledge of the outside world anyway.

William Hurt’s character is a billionare. Ever think he had the village built before they moved in? That would also explain the piano. I’m guessing if he arranged for guards and aid stations, he also arranged for supply drops of items like oil for the lamps. Why the kids didn’t question where it came from, I don’t know.

I’m guessing that they considered the clothes and language a throwback to a simpler time. I prefer their speech to your typing to be honest.

I live in a town of about 10,000 and we generally avoid poking each other in the ribs. I don’t see why it would be so hard to believe that 30 or 40 people could do it.

A more interesting question would be did they have a big enough gene pool to avoid reproduction problems?

Well, since the elders weren’t afraid of the woods (there being no monsters of course), perhaps they left the preserve to get stuff. M. Night’s character knows the village is there, and so do others.

Oh man, I totally screwed that up. :frowning:

Only, he’d been stabbed nine times.
If you truly believed you’d be torn apart by a creature that looked like those did, you’d be afraid of the forest too. If you say you wouldn’t, you’re a bald-faced liar.

Did you see the movie? Was it muted?

They told the kids/non-elders (several times) that they MOVED HERE FROM “The Towns”. The kids knew there was an outside world, but that it had murders and ‘bad stuff’ happening, so they decided to move to this town.