My Own Worst Enemy

Did anybody else watch this? The whole “kick-ass secret agent” gimmick has been done to death in the past, and the premise is pretty ridiculous, but other than that, I enjoyed it.

Does his partner (his Tom Arnold) undergo the same memory swapping thing?

I loved it. It was fun to watch. Now if it would replace Heroes, instead of just coming after it.

It was entertaining. I’ll probably keep watching it.

I thought is was good enough to give a few more episodes.

I’m embarassed to say that although it was on the tip of my tongue, so to speak, it took me almost the entire episode to finally get that his names, Henry and Edward = Dr. Henry Jeckyll and Mr. Edward Hyde.

I enjoyed it. I’ll keep on watching it. I thought the Russian’s analysis, “Edward is a psycopath” is pretty accurate. And the fact that Henry seems to be a regular guy may cause some interesting stories. What kind of conflicts are Henry and Edward going to get into? And what does it mean to get mad at another personality in your own body? Especially if one of those personalities is a psycopath?


I liked it. I thought it was an interesting twist that Henry, the regular guy, was the “artificial” personality.

I’m unclear on this myself. At first, I thought he did. But then there was that scene where his partner lectures him in the elevator about sticking to his cover story, and that left me confused about whether he’s a split personality, or just fakes his cover like a traditional spy.

I think he usually does do the mind switch thing, but stayed as Raymond (? the spy) to make sure that Henry/Edward behaved the way he should - they knew he might not be 100% “normal”.

I didn’t make the connection, but here in Canada, Global Television was nice enough to run one of their “huh?!” ads to let us know. Other such gems are that the actor who plays the Haitian in Heroes is Haitian and… well, I can’t think of the others right now!

It was a better show that I expected, but I wasn’t expecting much. I think it would make a better mini-series or movie than TV show, but we’ll see.

I wish networks would do that more: develop 6-12 episode mini-series rather than milking one show for all it’s worth for 15 years while letting others disappear unfinished due to ratings.

Hallgirl1 and I watched it. I liked it. Just enough twists to keep me entertained and engaged. I’ll watch it again.

Of course, once Saving Grace airs new episodes, it’ll be up against that, and probably loose, as Saving Grace is one of my favorite shows. Until then, I’ll enjoy as much of it as I can.

That the actor who plays Bennet on Heroes is descended from Benjamin Franklin.

(And it’s ‘Huh.’ Slight bemusement rather than complete disbelief.)

As to MOWE…I…didn’t like it. I didn’t watch the whole thing because it failed to hold my attention, but…it just feels like such a squandered opportunity. The initial promos made it feel like something completely else - I wondered right up until seeing it if it might be a remake of Jekyll.

I had no interest in watching until I noticed in the paper that Madchen Amick (played his wife) was in it. She’s been one of my celeb-fantasy crushes ever since “Twin Peaks.”

I lost interest pretty quick when I realized she was not gonna get much screen time.
I may check back next week.

I believe so, but the agents know about their cover lives, Edward knew about Henry and how to talk to ‘Henry’s’ wife while Raymond knew to talk to his cover identity’s wife.

I was pleasantly surprised with the show. I’ll check out a few more episodes, I can’t see it being as bad as the Bionic Woman.

His partner is Mike O’Malley, most recently from My Name Is Earl. I don’t think he does the memory swapping thing, I think only Edward has it done. His boss/handler said he was an experiment. I think everyone at Henry’s job is in on the ruse, which is why they have him traveling constantly and his secretary or whoever she is always says “he’s in the box” or whatever it is, every time he gets into the elevator.

I totally called that.

Of course the premise is ludicrous, but Christian Slater makes it work for me. (Also, it’s different enough from my own “Jeckyll & Hyde” idea that I’m going to go forward with it.)

Why wouldn’t Henry be able to hold his breath as long as Edward can? They’ve got the same body.

So, we’ve got yet another secret government organization that kills both foreign nationals and U.S. citizens with impunity. Yipee; over the past four decades or so, there must have been hundreds of books, movies and tv shows with that premise. The cumulative effect, when I see one of those stories, is to make me think, “Do I even want this country to win? We seem to be pretty evil.” (Though it’s not quite as evil as the version of the U.S. Government in the show Eureka.)

I forget the exact dialogue, but his boss said something about Edward being unique in terms of keeping secrets (with regard to the apartment that she dropped him off at). That implies that Edward isn’t the only one in the experiment. Also, why build all that infrastructure just to use it on one agent?

She said “Spivey’s in the box.” Since she was being specific on who was in there, that adds support for the notion that they’re doing this to more than one person.

But why I don’t understand is why they bother in the first place. What benefit is there to Henry’s life? Edward doesn’t seem to be using it as a cover for his operations or anything like that. I could understand it if he was a sleeper agent in enemy territory, but that isn’t the case here.

Yeah, I saw it too. First, what kind of car was that he was driving? It looked like some kind of Chevy sports car that wasn’t a Camaro. I have no idea what kind it was but I do know that some super-rich uber spy isn’t going to drive it. Judging by his house he’d have a Ferrari or something similar.

Secondly, Christian Slater is somehow more unbearable these days than he ever was. The worst part was at the end where he was watching a video from Henry. It was ridiculous. They were cutting between two different shots of his weird mug. I’m thinking, “This guy’s been gone for 10+ years and and when he comes back they give me a double dose?”


I liked it but I don’t get it. Why did anyone think having a split personality was a good idea? What would be the purpose of turning a super spy into an ordinary guy part time? It was obviously a bad idea to let Henry be caught by the bad guys, was tracking henry down supposed to be impossible?

Actually, it was a Camaro.

Edward drove a Chevy Camaro; Henry drove a Chevy Traverse. Oddly enough, Chevy sponsored the show, with ads featuring those specific models! It’s one of those wondrous, amazing coincidences that sometimes happen.

Why did you watch the show?

Well, the show doesn’t hold up to any kind of logical analysis. Even if the split personality thing were possible, there’s no good reason to use it unless the cover personality is in deep cover somewhere.

I’m just surprised they don’t have a GPS chip in his head so they can keep track of his whereabouts at all times.

Meant to add – doesn’t really look like a Camaro to me either, but that’s what they’re callin’ it.

Well, I watched the show mainly because I wanted it to be good. I sort of want it to succeed because it dawned on me how ridiculous if Christian Slater had another turn at being really famous. But I also watched it trying to like it. I figured maybe he’d get better with age, but really it seems to be even worse than before! I mean any time I watch an old movie with him it seems so dated that this kind of guy was once considered cool, but now it’s even worse! I realize I’m not making sense, but I did watch it trying my best to be neutral. And actually it was okay in some parts.
But yeah, why the hell would a super-spy drive a Camaro? At least go for the 'vette, man!