My PDA is stuck on

It has been this way since it said that my WiFi connection is busy. I can’t turn the wifi connection off and I can’t turn my PDA off. Do I have to do a reset? :frowning:

A different answer for every PDA. What kind do you have?

Waht happens if you simply move the PDA far enough from the wifi coverage area that it can’t get the signal any more?

That would be suggested. On most PDA’s A soft reset should not cost you data. A hard resent will wipe the unit but it should all be on your PDA desktop anyway and will come back when you re-sync.

If you resync after a hard reset make sure the sync in NOT set to default overwrite desktop data with PDA data or you will be unhappy.

I did a soft reset. It turned off my pda and I didn’t lose any data. :slight_smile: