android 4.2 on nexus 7 - I want mobile data=off to be the default

I have a nexus 7 plus an AT&T micro sim card (which I’m enjoying immensely). One nuisance that I’m experiencing is that I’ll go into settings and set mobile data to off while in a WiFi environment so I (or more specifically my daughters streaming videos) don’t gobble up my data plan allowance. If the device shuts down for a while and I turn it back on, mobile data will be reset to on. Is there a way to keep mobile data set to off no matter what until I want to switch it on?

If I’m logged into WiFi network does mobile data still take precedence?

It shouldn’t do, but I’ve not used 4.2. On earlier android versions you don’t need to do anything akin to turning mobile data off when on a WiFi network.

But if you are having trouble try putting it into Airplane Mode, and then turning on Wi-Fi (I’m assuming that you don’t mind not getting calls on a tablet). I’ve no idea why your settings aren’t persistent though - they are on any android release/device I’ve used.

Mobile and wifi data off stays off when toggled off on my Galaxy S III even through on-off cycles. I don’t think it’s an android OS issue.

On my Galaxy Nexus 4.1 my mobile data turns OFF automatically whenever logged into a WIFI network.

You can confirm this by looking at data usage under settings->data usage.

Log into wifi and than go blow through some data. It shouldn’t show up on the mobile data limit in the data usage metrics.

As said above, once connected to wifi, all data should be going through it and not the cell network regardless of whether data is off or on. But if you still want to keep it off, you might ask at the xda N7 forum. The data on mine stays off but I’m using a custom rom so that doesn’t say much.

If all else fails, you could use Tasker to automate the process of turning data off when connected to wifi and turning it back when the wifi is lost.

Thanks, I’m not seeing any increased data usage with mobile data on and logged into my network so everything looks OK.

I was able to resolve this by downloading and using the “Data On-Off” app from the Google play store. It notices when the setting gets changed, and automatically restores my preferred setting.

Hope this helps :slight_smile: