My penis is fine the way it is, thanks

I’d just like to say, to all those out there who are so concerned about the size of my penis: I’m fine with it, really.

I know your products would all “add inches to my lenght and girth,” but I’m quite comfortable with what I have. It fits nicely in my shorts and doesn’t get in the way when I’m working.

If some of you saw me in the showers after high school gym or track practice, you may have misguided memories which are fueling your concern. See, I’m what they call a “grower.” Trust me, you never saw it at full extension.

My girlfriend has never complained; in fact none of my old girlfriends ever complained either, so I figure they must have been satisfied with what I brought to the party.

Please understand, it’s not that I have anything against you or your products, or what they do, I just don’t feel I need them. I’m also concerned, I must admit, that I might not use them properly and end up with a battering ram that won’t fit in my car, let alone my lady. Besides, which one do I choose? They’re all herbal, and guarantee at least 2 more inches, some even promise more than that. If I try different ones to see which is best, I could end up having a sausage that wouldn’t fit in a bun.

So, no. Thanks for the e-mails of concern but I’m going to pass. You can take me off your mailing lists, and substitute somebody else. I’m sure there are plenty of people you’re worried about, and I don’t want to take any of your time away from helping those less fortunate than myself.


Heck, I get those emails and I’m female! Thanks for nothing guys!

So we can update our data base properly…you’d still like to be able to “Cum in quarts and quarts all over teen lesbo sluts”…correct?

Got that covered too (so to speak) but thanks for asking.


I’ll let the rest of the Photopat’s Penis Society know you’re O.K. We were worried.

I tried one of those doctors. I went to him and said I wanted an 8-inch penis. After examining me, he left the room to consult with his colleagues. When he returned, he said “Yes, that’s no problem - we can remove 3 inches.”:smiley:

sorry about that…

So, did you get to keep the stuff they trimmed off, like in a jar on the mantel or something, or did they just dispose of it?

My favorite racist joke:

Q: What’s white and eleven inches long?

A: Nothing.

Why are women such bad judges of distance?

[hold hands 3 inches apart] Because they’re constantly told that this is 8 inches.

If you’re getting nothing then perhaps you’d best answer the ads for your gift list.

If you want your dick as big as a pipe, I could forward you this email that I got.


That’s not exactly true. The other day as I was pleasuring your girlfriend she did mention she did mention that she felt your relationship with her was lacking a certain… well… depth, so to speak.

Just because she doesn’t complain doesn’t mean the hostess is happy that you bought cocktail weiners to the pot luck.

Uhm, Scylla…that wasn’t my girlfriend…that was her brother.:smiley:

Whatever. My penis is big enough for me to have an orgasm.

yep not only do i get that spam, i get the lesbian porn (which i know isn’t actually aimed at real lesbians) and offers to consolidate my debt and get a degree…i don’t have any debt and i’m in college.

i think i’m on the wrong lists…

I was gonna say something about your girlfriend’s hairy chest, but I guess that explains it.

It still doesn’t tell me why he was complaining about the size of your penis, though.
[sub]didn’t think I was gonna be able to come back from that one, didja?[/sub]

wow… Scylla… harshness. Keep up the good work! ;D

I defiantly emailed one of those spammers back with a scanned polaroid of my penis.

I got an offer for the “extra strength” version back…:frowning:

Damn now that is tempting and I don’t even have a dick, but I sure as hell like to see that.:smiley:

don’t even think about it

Damn, syncrolecyne what a boost for your ego huh?