My Photo Stream on iApple devices

I have an older iPod, 6.1 I believe, and put some ill-advised photos on it recently. I then quickly reconsidered that course of action, and deleted said photos in short order.

Upon doing a paranoid review of the albums and such on this device, I realized that Photo Stream was set to on, as was my wi-fi and photo sharing, and that these same photos were in the device’s Stream tab.

I then deleted the photos from the Stream via the trash can icon, continued to suffer my usual cyber-paranoia-no-privacy-remains and wanted to make damn sure these snaps didn’t upload to iCloud.

I logged into iCloud and there’s no photos at all there, instead there’s an intro-screen telling me iOS 8, or possibly 7 is required to upload to the Stream in the Cloud.

I hope that since I can’t find these pictures on the iPod, or on my Windows PC, I’ve successfully obliterated them, but the nagging concern persists. Some google-based research has left me with the fretful impression that one cannot delete photos from the Stream, but I can find no evidence these pictures still exist.

I’m hoping the knowledgeable folks here at the Dope can put my mind at ease. Please help me get to that happy place that comes from “no pics, so it didn’t happen.” I share this device with someone else (yes, I am an idiot, no denying that), so I’m anxious to resolve this issue soonest.

Bumping because I’m an optimist. Any help?

AFAIK Photostream is separate from iCloud, in that only the last 1000 photos (or 30 days’ worth, whichever comes sooner) are saved. I recently turned iCloud photo sharing on, and when I delete a photo I get the prompt “Delete photo from all iCloud devices?”. When they’re gone, they appear to be gone. I think you are safe, but to be on the safe side, try going to and logging in there and looking at the Photos tab.

Thank you for the response. I did attempt to log in to iCloud and got the “newer version needed” message. My concern is that someone more knowledgeable than myself can still retrieve the photos if they remain in some hidden cache in the device.

I’ve been unable to find any trace of them myself, but the concern arises from various references I found in my panicked research as I attempted to make absolutely certain they were gone for good.

I think I’ll just have to wait out the clock and ‘misplace’ the damn thing for the next couple of weeks. I’m a safe over sorry kinda guy.

With any luck, I will at least learn a lesson from all this silliness.