My pictures from the Philippines

I spent the last month in the beautiful Philippines, doing little more than sitting on the beach. It was a great vacation. Now that I’m home, I’ve finally got time to get some pictures up. Right now I only have my pictures from Port Barton and El Nido, but I should get the rest out in a few days. For now, here you go!

Beautiful photos, even sven. Got to give it a bump. I didn’t make it to the Philipines when I was traveling as it’s a bit tougher to get to than most other southeast Asia countries. How much did it cost to stay and what was the price of food, boat rides, and inter-island flights?

Wow, it looks awesome, colour me green with envy!

awesome pics!

what’s up with the hanging hut in 6519? Can you stay there or is it some1’s home?

I spent around $10.00 a night for rooms in low-range guest houses. A day of island hopping would be about $20.00. Food in a nice tourist restaurant is around $4.00, local food much cheaper. Inter-island flights were quite cheap- maybe around $40.00 one way. In a month I spent around $1,000.00, but that was with good food every night, lots of tropical drinks and even some shopping in Manila’s legendary malls. A little economizing could make it much cheaper.

The hut is a home for people who climb the cliffs to fetch birds nests for birds nest soup.

I’ve got a few dozen more pictures to put up. I’ll put them up soon!

Those were great pictures! Thanks for sharing.

Sweet pics. Looks amazingly beautiful. The scenery wasn’t bad either.