How much does $25 US mean to a poor family in the Philippines?

Groceries for a day? A week? Rent payment?

Recent news events have me wondering about the state of the Philippines these days.

Currently, $25US is worth about 1157 Philippino Pesos. Here is a link for cost of living in the Philippines:

Basically, $25 would pay about a quarter of the monthly rent, or a little more than all of their monthly electric bill.

From the link above:
“This is for 2 young marrieds to live a fairly nice middle class life. If you want to be a party animal, then you can spend a lot more, of course.”

The legal minimum daily wage in the National Capitol Region varies from P345 to P382.
It is considerably less in other regions. Many workers don’t get the legal daily minimum. Unemployment is 20%-80% in most places.

In most of the Philippines someone would be doing well to get the equivalent of $25 for a week of work.

I have a fairly well to do customer who bragged to me he keeps a couple Phillipino girlfriends put up VERY nicely for around $500 a month each. As you might expect, he vacations there alot.

And the girlfriends are doubtlessly siphoning off enough cash to support their extended families.

Then again, how does he know this isn’t a time-share agreement, so to speak?

There is a good possibility it is a time-share. The filipinas who do this might have 2-3 or more western boyfriends (euphemistically called “money ko”, a play on “honey ko” or my honey), plus a filipino bf. The ones looking for money kos are the ones to avoid.

Outside the larger cities, $25 will go a very long way.

In a small town it could be even a month’s food, for a family of 5

My guess is he doesent know one way or another but I could see such an arrangement imploding messily on the girl if money ko appears without warning.

you wouldn’t happen to live in tennessee would you? there is a guy where i live who does the same thing…

Nah, Fresno, CA

Sounds like good work if you can get it.

For comparison, it’s a little under the average monthly income for Cambodia.