My piercing is stinging. How can I lubricate it?

I’ll cut straight to the point, I have a piercing in my scrotum and it’s starting to sting a little bit.
I think it is doing this because it is getting a bit dry in there.

Washing it a few times a day, and giving it a salt bath help temporarily but I really think I need to lubricate it.

What would be appropriate to apply to it to keep it lubricated?

Oo, those are tricky. How many times a day are you washing your piercing, and with what? If you use a really strong soap it’ll irritate the skin and piercing. You might want to call your piercer and see what they say. I was told with piercings you don’t want to put anything like A&D Ointment on them, just keep the area clean.

Well, I’d offer to share some of the Brain Bleach I’m going to use, but it probably wouldn’t help…

How about vaseline? I’ve never had that problem with any of my piercings, but I would imagine that could help if it doesn’t block the skin from breathing and thus hurt the healing process.

Stinging in a hole in your body helped by a salt bath? Sounds like infection to me.

I don’t have any advice myself, but try the forums over at BodyMod.Org. They’ve been a big help to me when I was having some problems with my nose ring.

Go to a doctor.

Or use Clorox bleach.

Your choice.

ianad or modifier.

go see a doctor.

vaseline is unsterile grease, probably not good in a wound.

good luck with your nutsack.

When Popeye the Sailor had the same problem he rubbed Olive Oyl on it.

Yeah you need help from a piercer. If you can’t/won’t talk to the shop that did yours, check out the forum. If not the forum, make a visit to some other local shop.

Why do people do these things…