My pointless ego gratification thread is well overdue. Be my friend!

Yes, you can add your name the the list of my SDMB “friends” with a few clicks of the mouse, and at absolutely no cost to you. And I of course will be your friend. Click on my username at the top of the post, view my public profile, and “befriend” me – there is a link to to that along the right side of the page. And we will be friends in the best sense of the word – in the sense that we will think of each other as internet friends and have no association or reliance on each other. But we can brag on how we have more friends than other people have friends!

Becoming a “friend” on the SDMB is moderator-warranted to confer absolutely no benefits or conveniences on either party.

I stand ready to befriend you! We merry few, we … [insert rest of St. Crispin’s Day speech here]

Boyo (or can I call you Jim?), we’ve been friends for a while now. And you’re right – it conveys no benefits whatever; though, on the other hand, I’ve not noticed any downside.

Hey, old buddy, old pal, old friend of my childhood. How’s it hanging?

Only my friends can call me Jim. Are you my friend? … [checks list] … Yes, yes you are. You may.

As long as there are no benefits, we can be friends. My last FWB didn’t work out well.

Friends don’t tell friends how badly their life sucks. They tell everyone else. Keep an eye peeled for the upcoming thread.

fer crying in the beer: I thought we had something special!!!:mad:

Oh, we do! I’m your SPECIAL worthless friend.

I guess you weren’t around when I did this before, or would have been my special friend for years already. But no…

I can’t be everywhere! someone had to hold down the fort on the Parrot Forum!

Got tired of the endless repetition at the Parrot Forum, huh?