Take part in the most meaningless mass SDMB activity EVER, right here!

Become my SDMB friend. Click on my username at the top of the post, view my public profile, and “befriend” me – there is a link to to that along the right side of the page.

As in the real world, being my friend has absolutely no benefits or privileges, but both you and I will feel better for having reached out and made an empty but amicable gesture toward each other. What could be better?

And hey, just for the hell of it, pick out some other participants in the thread and ask them to be friends too. Can’t have too many friends. They are priceless, especially when they are cost-free.

Someone asked to be my friend, and I asked in ATMB what this meant in practical terms. The answer – nothing! Apparently there are “friend” functions in the software, but none of them are switched on for this website. So when I say meaningless, I mean it.

Your action today could help take the mean out of meaningless.

But doesn’t labelling it ‘most meaningless’ make it special in its very own way, thereby giving it meaning? :dubious:

I’m on Facebook, so I already have loads of meaningless “friends”.

Aw hell, what’s one more?

That’s what I like about you, Butch. Always thinkin’.

Done! What do I win? :stuck_out_tongue:

Everybody should have a friend like me!

Done. Can I have part of your liver now? I have a big weekend planned and I may need a replacement.


…but …but… I’m pretty sure I don’t like you.

I’m in. I feel so cheap and superficial. But friendly.

Sure I’ll be your friend… at the cost of your immortal soul! Muahahaha!

Seriously, get with the soul already.

I think you’re kinda neat.

Why don’t you join Friends of the Friendless?

Lucy Ricardo’s a member and they even have a special song.

I have concerns that my other four friends will feel less special. I’ll think about it.

I like the way it asked me if I’m sure I want to be friends with Boyo Jim. It’s as if it;s saying, “friends, with him, really? You want that?” :smiley:

And for the heck of it I’m friending everybody who posted before me.

I sense an “I love Boyo Jim” thread request coming…how else will we prove our friendship is real and undying?

But since Boyo Jim is a true friend (assuming he accepts my request), I’ll be willing to start one for the discounted rate of $3.50

Once again, I’m 11 minutes too late…

Where’s the “With Benefits” tab?


I’ll be your friend as soon as 20 people become my friends.

Screw you, swampbear. I’m denying your friend request. You know what you did. You don’t honestly think I forgot about those hookers in Vegas, do you? I am still paying alimony over that shit.