My pointless posts-an apology

It’s been brought to my attention by a fellow doper, that I, Pammipoo, am guilty of posting pointless sfuff. This shocked me! I’m absolutely appalled! I would never do such a low thing! GASP! After all, this is the straight dope here, and that’s some pretty serious stuff.
In this post, Is this a ghost or a dragon?,I simply disagreed with the OP (who isn’t even the one accusing me of such a horrid thing- go figure), and called a couple of guys i went to high school with weird. Apparently, that offended Omega, and for that, I apologize. Personally, if I were going to personally attack someone, I could think of a few things more original than “You’re Weird.” And in this thread, Internet Trading , I just thought that should be in a different forum other than General Questions, more like IMHO. Had it been by a random person, he would’ve ingored it and went on his happy night. But because he knew me IRL, he felt that I should know that my ‘pointless posting’ is annoying. In fact, I think that may be means for banning right there…I had my own opinion, and I used ::gasp:: sarcasm! I have a very sarcastic nature, both online and offline. If this offends or annoys anyone, I apologize. And at the same time, I laugh behind your back. But Omega, I apologize for posting pointless things (this IS the MPSIMS forum though, so I’m in my right to post this now), and if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to general questions, to read some more of your fabulous thoughts on masterbation and how to arouse the female sex.

Shouldn’t this be in the pit?

/me ducks and flees.

Just kidding Pammipoo. :wink: