My poopy cat

It all started when we moved from MI to TN, but I will begin with a little background. Grace was 1 year old when we adopted Sophie as a kitten. They got along fine, although Grace would occasionally chase Sophie, but only to play. They both slept with us, one at the head of the bed, one at the foot.

Then we moved. The cats were tranquilized and in separate cat boxes. We moved into my mom’s house, and the cats were cooped up together in a single room. They saw her cats through the doorway once or twice, but no fights. On the second or third day, Grace started hissing at Sophie. We moved her to a room by herself, and I would go visit with her a couple of times a day. This went on for a few weeks.

Then we moved into our own house. The cats act like they don’t know each other. Sophie, in particular, will chase Grace. They have each staked out areas of the house–Grace has the office and the guest bedroom and bath, Sophie has the rest. However, this has led to Grace behaving badly. She likes to cruise around on the counters in the kitchen (Sophie’s territory, but also where they get fed) and has peed in the kitchen sink. That, and the chasing, led me to try Feliway (hormonal atomizer that is supposed to help cats). It didn’t seem to help much, and lately she has taken to pooping on the carpet outside the guest bath, even though there is a second litter box 5 feet away in the bathroom. Arrgh!!! I know Sophie uses that litterbox, but I don’t know how to stop her.

This is driving me nuts. I don’t want the cat pooping on the carpet, and I don’t want to set up two food dishes, either. Any other ideas?

Question-how often do you scoop the boxes?

Peeing on a cold surface is one sign of a kitty UTI (Urinary Tract Infection). Kitties act weird when they’re not feeling well, you might as well have her checked out.

My guess is you have two very pissed off kitties who are letting you know that they are NOT pleased with the way things went. I think they’ll probably settle down once they get their routines established again. They’ll sort out their relationship, too. I’ve noticed that when our cats are mad at us, they will go take it out on each other. My experience with female cats is that they are very good with litter boxes, once the snit is over.

We have two food dishes and two litter boxes for our two female cats. It’s just better that way.

Moving cats is really traumatic, and I don’t think it can be done without repercussions. No matter how many tricks you try, how many rules you follow, do everything by the book – somebody’s gonna be upset.

Our cats have only moved once, and their reaction was to hide from us for a couple of days. One of them got up in the floor joists in the basement, the other one in a dresser drawer under some clothes.

Moving twice in a short period must be even worse.

Thanks for the responses. I wish it were as simple as changing the litter box more frequently. I might try scoopable litter for a while, though, since I think Grace doesn’t like Sophie’s smell in her litter box. Our house is very open-plan so I can’t really keep her out physically, but maybe removing the smell would help.

She seems fine, isn’t off her feed, and is peeing and pooping inappropriately, so I don’t think it is a UTI, but maybe I should try the vet route.

We moved into this house three months ago, so this is more than a few days pissed-offness. I expected them to sort it out, too, and if it was just avoiding each other, I wouldn’t like it, but I would live with it. The inappropriate elimination has got to go, though.

Any other ideas? Has anyone had any luck with Feliway? Although it didn’t seem to change much, I am desperate enough to give it a second chance.

I’ve had some luck with the feliway, but I used the spray, not the atomizer/room thingy. I sprayed as per directions directly on the area. You have to do it a few times a day when you have 2 cats.

I also found that scoopable litter – and an absolutely religious devotion to keeping it clean – helped quite a bit.

I have heard that taking kitty (leashed) outdoors on walks can sometimes help with territorial peeing. No experience there myself, jus throwing it out there. I guess because kitty gets new piece of territory?

Back to the UTI, I have a friend who is a vet tech and she says that cat’s don’t have to be outwardly showing lots of “I feel sick” signs to have a UTI. Usually inappropriate peeing is the main symptom.

Could you try re-housebreaking her? Shutting her up in a very small place like a bathroom or a dog crate with just her food and water dishes and litter box and leaving her there for several days. Then let her out on supervised visits until she can be trusted again.


I was afraid to post too soon, but I think the problem may be solved, as we have gone 5 days now with no problems. I don’t love the solution, but it is worth it. What I did was a combination of some of your suggestions–feliway spray, plus giving each cat her own litter box in her won clearly-defined area, plus scoopable litter, plus separate food and water dishes. It is a pain to have to maintain two litter boxes and dishes, but like I said, worth it. I can tell that Grace (the poopy one) is much happier.

Thanks for your responses. I appreciate it when someone takes the time to respond. My husband and I have often said that we feel lucky to be able to come here for advice.

Our cats are happier with two of everything, too. It’s kinda neat now how they go to their respective bowls and sit there so nicely while waiting for the pinkskins to make with the food. Of course, the dominant one will maraud the less-dominant one’s bowl (and vice versa), but that’s for them to work out.