My rant in defense of Kitty Werthmann

So, I started another thread about Hitler and gun control, and brought up Kitty Werthmann’s account of the Nazi takeover of Austria. Like they always do, people started questioning the reliability of Werthmann because of their political biases; saying things like “Well, she’s pretty old, she could have gotten some of the details mixed up,” even though she has articulated the details of her account with great precision and thoroughness. Then, I go to other websites where people have written responses to Werthmann’s claims, questioning and/or bashing them in the process. Never mind that she is a living witness of what went on in the Third Reich and has first-hand experience; her account doesn’t match up with our fictional version of history, and therefore she must be a lying, senile dingbat. :rolleyes: Seriously people, whenever a survivor of a past regime says that the regime came to power by way of a democratic election, and not by military force, I think we should be inclined to believe that she is telling the truth. Whenever she tells us that said regime also banned guns, I think we should be inclined to believe that it did**, in fact, ban guns. But no; the popular view of the younger generation that there are “scary resemblances” between the Nazis and American conservatives is the only way to go. Any opposite views provided, including those from the generation of Hitler survivors, are pure nonsense. Never mind that the Nazis were statists and viewed the state as being more important than the individual (blatant leftism), we have** to keep insisting that they were evil, conservative right-wingers. Historical accuracy? Fuh-geddaboudit!

I’m sorry everyone, please ignore this post. I apologize for the mean and angry rant. I don’t want to do these kinds of posts anymore. Pretend this thread doesn’t exist. :slight_smile:

What thread? :wink:

Nice recovery, actually. Grace under fire (so to speak.)

You forgot to apologize for the stupid.

When you say “this post,” do you mean “THIS post,” post #2, or post #1, or the entire thread?

I mean the original post. I’m leaving Straight Dope. Bye.

Oh. “This poster,” then. Bye!


Good point. Any time you see the word “statist” in a post, is probably a good time to practice making that smilie.

On a somewhat related note, why does he apologetically announce his departure in every thread EXCEPT the “Least Favorite Month” thread in IMHO?

Leftist != Statist.

He seems to have meant it. I ever so hope the door didn’t hit him the ass.

That was really odd.

I kind of hope it did.

Do you know how hard it is to clean ass-prints off a perfectly good door?

Just as well - that there well is about 90% poison, 10% water. A graceful departure is probaby the best outcome we were likely to get here.

And 0% paragraphs, like all this person’s posts, no matter the length.