My roomie is about to NOT get to Pennsic

backstory - mrAru had been out of work for about 5 months before getting this current temp gig. Roomie works as a blacksmith, so money is not really prevalent around here right now, and our chevy s-10 is currently hors de combat fuel pump. mrAru being the mechanical one around here has been working on it since he got off work friday evening. It still isn’t repaired because at the end of the evening sunday he had to order a fuel pump.

Yes, i know you want to leave thursday for Pennsic. Yes I know you want to be able to pack and drive the truck. No, I do not know if the fuel pump was available a the parts store yesterday on the way home from his work, and no I don’t know if he picked it up. Yes if it was available he would have picked it up.

If you don’t stop harping at me about it, you will NOT fucking GO to Pennsic. I was planning on driving you there in our only functioning vehicle and leaving hubby stranded at a motel near his job just so your ass could get to a camping event that is in no way work related or able to make a profit for anybody because I promised we would manage to get you there.

And I really don’t want to hear ‘why is she going to a camping event’ at all. Shut the fuck up. I am venting about her wandering around badgering me about transportation. At this point in time I would be driving her and dropping her off even if the truck worked just to be nasty.

She’s a blacksmith. Tell her to knock up a damn fuel pump herself. :slight_smile:

I kind of balked at “works as a blacksmith”. Most of the smiths I knew in Northshield recognized that it was more of a hobby than a money-making proposition…

Are we supposed to somehow automatically know what “Pennsic” is? At first I thought “Does she mean Penn State?” but then you mentioned camping… is it a festival? Why would you keep repeating the name without defining it?

It’s an SCA re-enactment/festival thingy.

It is amusing. Apparently The one bridge to the Pennsic Wars is out..

What if someone threw a war and nobody could get across the river to fight??

It would be demoted to an argument.

No, it wouldn’t.

That’s not an argument.

Yes it is!

Let Baron Moonwulf tell you a tale about Pennsic War IV.

No it isn’t. It’s just contradiction.

Could they tout wares there? Their capacity to pay future bills may in part depend on their presence.

It takes a special kind of geek to recognize it instantly. The kind that works as a blacksmith.

Then you’d have the Battle of Maldon.

A female blacksmith! She must have awesome guns.

It’s odd re her being poor and hanging out and not having transportation. I have this image of blacksmiths as hard working practical types.

If only you had a magic dictionary at your fingertips that would let you look up an unfamiliar word in less time than it would take to type a snarky post about your ignorance.

Pennsic ensues.

Oh, nice one.

aru, it’s a pity about the truck. Can your roomie not find another lift to the War (I know it’s last minute, maybe she can trade some smithing for a ride or something?) I know if I was able to go to Pennsic I’d be decidedly grumpy if I was held away for mundane reasons, but your roomie really should be more understanding.

Maybe in a couple years I’ll make it - some of my Shire members have been going the last couple years and always had a blast - but then, they camp with the Mad Swedes.

It’s almost as if someone who likes to play dressup and pretend to be a blacksmith lacks basic life skills like having a job and their own access to transportation.