My school has banned The Onion!

Sitting around in CAD/CAM class this morning, I’m finished with all my work, and kind of browsing around online. I can get here, even access all the forums and post. I went to and logged in to the webchat. I can get to geocities and tripod, I can access my AOL mail account and aimExpress.

I can’t access The Onion. It’s not really a big deal, I can look at it at home. I just find it kind of amusing. They’re using Novell Networks. I get a 403 Forbidden error. Description : Organizational policies prohibit access to this page.


No Onion at work for me… “Forbidden by rating check”

I don’t reall give a shit either, but when I’m cruising the boards and click a link for it… kinda feels like I hit the end of the Slip n’ Slide…

Try going to first. Of course, they probably already banned safeweb, since you can get to all the other banned sites via safeweb. But maybe they haven’t got around to it yet.

Try going to .

If they block that there’s , .de and a lot of others. Chances are they won’t block them all.

Or you can always find a lesser-known proxy server. Not that you’d want to undermine the management. :wink:

Repeatedly hitting enter on the website usually works too.

At my local library, is blocked, but isn’t.

Not that an computer ijit like me would know ANYTHING about proxy servers, but I happened across .

Dunno what, exactly, that is, though…


Good Lord! I just used safeweb to open up nonymouse and my monitor turned translucent! Im afraid if I point nonmymouse to rewebber it will disapear altogether!

You, there! Absoul!! Email me, please -


[digging up old 2600 copy]
I have not tried this (ain’t no one blocking me), but I’m told that if you look up the numerical URL, it is rarely blocked. You can look them up at

the onion, in any case is