****ing Censorship...

Our school has a censorship system installed into the browser. It will keep us from looking at porn in school or finding out how to make a bomb, but it goes way too far. It censors perfectly clean pages. I’m not allowed to visit Yahoo clubs because apparently they all have “sexually explicit content.” I can’t check my Yahoo e-mail for the same reason, so I’m forced to use the school’s district e-mail address I was assigned when I’m at the school.

I’ll get censor pages on pop-up ads at many perfectly clean sites whose sponsors happen to be online casinos. I once had a page censored that mentioned “screw (for a nut)”. Screws and nuts are perfectly fine language, and if for some reason I wanted to check out some home improvement sites or Planter’s homepage, I couldn’t do it.

Also on the list of “keywords” are dick, terrorist, and terrorism. So I can’t access any site that even mentions the vice president or a little condolance message about the terrorist attacks. It’s terrible.

So, whoever implemented those stupid censors, FUCK OFF!

You can’t say that here…


Ugh…we have that at our school. I once had to search for Homo Sapiens, Homo Habilus, Homo Erectus, etc. for a biology class. I got a lot of horny hits (especially for that last one), but the ones that seemed valid wouldn’t even open up. One can hardly search for anything at school and be successful.

That’s a major pain in the ass. Is that really the only way to prevent students from looking at internet porn? At my job I don’t look at porn because I know they are tracking my internet usage and would fire me in an instant if they found out about it. No similar thing can exist at a school?

Bah they had that at my 6th form college years ago cyberpatrol on almost everything : games , satanism films
you name it (entertainment wise) and it was banned, however
during the first year my and friends managed to break it open and view anything we wanted .1st University was worse they didn’t put any safe guards up except for webmail (those bastards read my mail ) and trapped you as you used pages which was bad when my account was hacked and people started downloading stuff on MY account for which i got the blame (of which the video records exhonerated me).

Just web browse at home or something its safer and you don’t have somebody sniffing your ass all the time.


From a number of your more recent posts, I’m given to believe you inflated your age on the profile here.

That being said, do you own the computer at the school? No? Then, when you want to use someone else’s computer, you must follow the rules that someone sets for you to use their, not yours, equipment.

Can that be any more clear?

I can’t believe nobody’s mentioned the subject line yet. The irony is so heavy, I’ll need a new ironing board…

Er… can you write an article for your school newspaper? Speak to the teacher-advisor for the paper about it first? Or the school librarian?

Yes, but the point is the rules are stupid and arbitrary, based on irrational prudishness and inflexibility, a situation with which I can sympathize.

Heh. At least you had an email address…for a while, the filter at our school blocked out–

And and all email, except for one site (timetracker.com). The accounts there probably have a substantial proportion of students from my school, as everyone signed up the moment this became known.

All geocities/tripod/xoom pages.

For a while, ANY AND ALL .COM PAGES! Hello!

All AOL pages.

You get the basic idea. The teachers here got really fed up with this, so they just told all their students the password to get around the proxy.

High schools with nanny-ware like this is one of the reasons Beaver College changed its name to Arcadia University.

First and foremost: Censorship software suctions the persiration off a dead man’s testicles. I object to it in principle and in practice, and my extremely trivial personal beef is that it blocks some astronomy websites because they talk about naked-eye observations! WON’T SOMEBODY PLEASE THINK OF THE CHILDREN!

Second: I find it ironic that Palve (formerly JellyDonut, I take it?) is objecting to censorship, when he advocated ripping off or covering up a bumpersticker in this thread. So, what, people should be able to read whatever they want–as long as you don’t object to it, in which case you think it’s okey-dokey to vandalize someone else’s personal property to prevent other people from seeing it.

Uhhhh huh.

Whoops, on reviewing the OP, its seems that Palve does not object to censorship per se but is upset that the censors also block sites that do not have objectionable content.

My snarky comments are withdrawn, and I offer apologies to Palve. I should read more carefully. Sorry.

this is where i get to gloat that the computer lab at the school i went to had absolutely no censorship software and no rules on what we could view. as long as someone wasn’t waiting for the computer to do real work, you could look at whatever you wanted.

many long nights trading porn with the guys who ran the help desk. :wink: