My school's dress code bans cheerleading uniforms

This year, the high school I teach at has cracked down on dress-code violations with the fervor of an Iranian mullah. They must have written 200 tickets the first day of school, warning that another violation would result in “official action.” In perusing the code, it was noticed that the cheerleaders uniforms failed to comply, being both “too short” and “showing undergarments.” So on game days, when the cheerleaders would normally come to school in uniform, they now have to come in “camp clothes.” Why has common-sense become so uncommon?

I wanted to make this a rant, but I just can’t work up the necessary venom. “I used to be disgusted…now I am merely amused.”

Those bastards! Wrecking every teenage boy’s (and lesbian’s) dreams! How dare they! In my high school, not only did we have the fun of slavering over every hot cheerleader wearing next to nothing at school, but we also had a blast passing around notes, letting the cheerleaders know that the kid we called “Psycho” was in the back row, jerking off because of how they were dressed! :smiley:

What are the specifics of the dress code? If the uniforms are too short and showing underwear, it seems to me that it’s a symptom of years of lax enforcement.

But the codes have been on the books, yes? Someone in charge might’ve took them into account before spending school and booster money on them.

The codes have been on the books,** no**. This is the first year we have had a specific, spelled-out in the tiniest detail dress code. Previously, we made do with a code that was kinda like the behavior code around here. Loose and open to interpretation. This year, the mullahs had their way, and anything remotely stylish has been banned. When was the last time you saw a woman’s top that had straps 2 inches wide? That is the minimum width allowed at school. This is at a public school in the desert!

Well, I stand corrected. :smiley:

So when the school’s on fire they’re out locking the doors to make sure that the girls aren’t seen in public without a male relative to chaperone? (Yes, I know that that was Saudi Arabia. The point stands, the OP needs a bit of perspective.)


Geez, LordVor, what’s wrong with humorous exageration?

Well I managed to survive a dress code of “No underwear showing, no bra straps showing, neat clean clothing in good repair, no swears or offensive slogans, no hair colours that do not occur in nature, no hats/hair coverings (excepting religious)…” not that long ago (2002)

Besides… I thought the cami’s weren’t in anymore that the tank tops with thick straps were the favoured tops. (I so prefer them, I don’t fall out if I lean over to pick up something).

What’s wrong with carrying the uniform?

Of course we didn’t have cheerleaders at my school, we had a Pep team.

Sorry, don’t see the humor in what they do to women over there. Considering the current pit thread featuring a 16 year old girl getting put to death for “having a sharp mouth”, I doubt that an Iranian mula would write you a note saying you’re naughty for wearing spagetti straps in public.

Or, I could just be bitter that I went to high school in Wisconsin, and all the cheerleaders wore sweat pants under their skirts.



At least it’s consistent. When I went to high school, the cheerleaders had the very short skirts, but the rest of us weren’t allowed to wear shorts or miniskirts. :mad:

Because you were supposed to wear track pants underneath, duh! Haven’t you been paying attention?

Hey silenus, what are they doing about crop tops and low-riding, shave-everywhere jeans? No bare midriffs allowed? What about facial piercings?

No, the OP does **not ** need a bit of perspective. It’s not necessary to compare every frustrated rant with the worst possible situation. It’s unfair to intrude on a Mundane Pointless snit with what amounts to a lecture about the poster’s priorities. Jeez . . .

That said, my High School’s cheerleaders had very short skirts and form-fitting sweaters.

And they were really, really big cheerleaders. We would have welcomed a dress code requiring full coverage . . .

I would say just deal with it. I honestly don’t think it’s about “mullahs” and all that, but to create an environment where kids concentrate more on studying than the cheerleaders’ underwear. And it’s only high school. High school is not important by any stretch of the imagination.

I agree with the school’s decision and wish mine had done that. Far too many girls got away with wearing wayyy too little - especially the cheerleaders. I think that if Average Female Student isn’t allowed to wear a skirt so short their ass hangs out the back, cheerleaders shouldn’t be either.

No midriffs. No shoulders. No back. No curve-of-anything showing. Not a word anywhere about piercings. Pants may not fall more than 2 inches below the “natural waistline.” Shorts and skirts must be longer than the students fingertips when standing upright. Plus the usual stuff about obscene, profane, or drug-related clothing designs.

It’s the cheerleaders that bugs me. They sanction the display of young women before a paying crowd, but don’t allow it on campus during the day. Sounds just the tiniest bit hypocritical to me.

I think LordVor needs a hug. :smiley:

So I guess my typical 1990 high school outfit of a midriff-baring cutoff army jacket, miniskirt with garters hanging out and thigh-high fishnet stockings would probably be out, huh?

Dude. Bummer. High school sure ain’t what it used to be.

I always figured that wearing the outfits the day of the game was the main reason girls become cheerleaders. The outfits are cute, and that’s the only reason I can see to sign up for it. Screw the silly jumping around and stuff. :smiley:

Does anyone else find it funny that the school is cracking down on the wearing of a uniform that it issues itself and then parades in front of an audience?

On game day (or the Friday before a Saturday game) at my school, we wore our jerseys. We were an all-boys prep school with a jacket-and-tie dress code. The point was to fire up the student body for the game.

Same thing went for the public schools in the area. Guys wore their jerseys, cheerleaders wore their uniforms. Umm- we’ve all seen Jane Cheerleader in the uniform before, at the game, when she was kicking her legs up high and jumping and doing splits and all that other yummy stuff. Such lascivious moves as “walking down the hall” and “sitting at her desk” just don’t cut it in comparison, so who really cares?

Some people need to lighten up.

I agree with some previous posters–whatever the administrators decide, they should be consistent. Don’t let your cheerleaders select a uniform that your own dress code bans. To do so is to create a double standard. Why can’t non-cheerleaders wear short skirts and midriff tops? Then why should cheerleaders? At my school, even at after-school events, basketball games and whatnot, students showing up in overly skimpy outfits were asked to change. Why are cheerleaders exempt? Be consistent!

And I hate to be a stick in the mud, but maybe we should re-examine the tradition of super-slutty cheerleading uniforms. In high school, most girls’ bodies just aren’t developed enough. All of the cheerleaders I went to school with looked either too chunky or too scrawny in those things. It’s a shame, because they were all very normally proportioned, healthy young women. Very, very few highschoolers can pull off some of that unflattering crap.

(And that includes today’s regular junior fashions. I’m talking to you, low-rise jeans.)