Do College Cheerleaders Not Wear Panties...

Am just curious.
Do some college cheerleaders not wear panties during their
performances, for the erotic feeling, in hopes of not getting caught?

I am not an expert on this subject but college level cheerleading is an athletic sport. It is basically group gymnastics at the bigger sports schools. There are even scholarships for it. There wouldn’t be any way not to get caught being naked under the skirt doing the stunts and formations they do and I am sure the administration would not be pleased when and not if it gets caught on film. I am sure it has happened somewhere at some point but the activity isn’t really compatible with being partially nude and not have thousands of people noticing. The uniforms include special undies that are a cross between panties and tight shorts and they are revealing enough but still acceptable. College and universities really don’t like people messing around with their big sporting events and the list of people that could be penalized or fired for something like that is pretty long.

I’ve been to many, many college events involving cheerleaders, and I’ve always paid close attention when they’re doing anything that would reveal their undies, and I’ve never yet seen one without. So it’s my expert opinion that, if it ever happens, it’s very, very rare.

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The uniform includes dance pants. I doubt most of them wear underwear under their dance pants (most dancers and gymnasts don’t bother - between panty lines and getting the cut of the underwear right to not flash panty, it isn’t worth it). But you cannot get by in that short skirt doing those moves without dance pants…its not a matter of “you might get caught” its that “you will flash people” AND “you won’t be in uniform.”

Google image search CHEERLEADER OOPS shows a wardrobe malfunction with a high kick

Male cheerleaders customarily don’t wear panties.

No matter how hard one wishes.

There was the National Lampoon cover in this link:


(Probably NSFW, but since it was on the cover of magazines that were displayed on news stands in the '70s I didn’t break the link.)

Just to be safe, though, I put the link in a spoiler tag for you.

Everybody would notice these days if someone did that. The skirts are short, and everybody has cameras. There’s no way someone would get away with doing that on a regular basis.

Yes, and then when they’re done, they go back to the showers and slowly, sensually soap each other up. Then they go back to their dorms and have tickle fights and play naked lotion Twister.

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Wrong population cohort. It’s not college cheerleaders. It’s private-high-school female students that
wear uniforms. Specially Catholic ones.

Hey, you bring up your clichéd fantasy, I’ll bring up mine…

But if Gabrielle Union and Kirsten Dunst ever wish to get back together for a pantyless remake of Bring It On, I’m there.

Aren’t they effectively wearing leotards with a skirt?

MY cliched fantasy is a panty-less Bob Jones University cheerleader. Mmmmmmmm… ankle-length cheerleader skirt… but no panties… ahhhhhh.

No, they are wearing “spankies”, which are very short shorts–they are the same shorts volleyball players play in, more or less.

I have heard (from our cheerleading coach) of at least one high school squad where the skirts were a color but the spankies were a contrasting gold (presumably the other school color). Gold spankies on tanned white legs do tend to disappear, and apparently when this squad was stunting there were moments when everyone wondered if they were wearing anything at all.

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