Do College Cheerleaders Not Wear Panties...

And football players just wear jock straps with nothing else because it feels so good!

On a related note the football players were all issued matching jockstaps with a small logo of the mascot on front. They were also in school colors. Really, I swear I’m not making this up.

Nursing school. Where they spend a lot of time giving each other practice sponge baths.

Of course, at the pro level the cheer squads tend to dispense altogether with the skirt and go for a shorts or tights-based outfit, and at the college and high-school level more and more squads adopt that, either completely or by reducing the “skirt” to a mere decorative or symbolic flourish rather than a functional garment.

Well, you should then also be interested in how underneath their habits all nuns are wearing nothing but a garterbelt/suspender and stockings… and after the day is done they take turns “mortifying the flesh”.

And don’t get me started on the librarians… or rather, do, and then go look for a different book, we’ll be busy. :smiley:

College Cheering is pretty serious business. I doubt that prank would last more than 20 seconds. But if it did happen there would be about 20 thousand photos of it.

Didn’t Madonna were flesh colored panties in her HS to freak out the crowd?

ETA The panties are my favorite part of the uniform.

I used to be a cheerleader in high school… and no one went spankies-less.

…and may I point out that whoever named a garment that fits tightly upon a person’s bottom as "spankies" is probably slightly less bent that the people who let him/her get away with it…

It works the other way. Back when I was in high school, one of the the cheerleader mentioned that they watched one of the basketball players very carefully, since he didn’t wear a jock under his pants.

Hey! I resemble that remark!

In my experience, this is the sort of thing that happens in grade school, or even junior high, where girls are less likely to fear being labeled as sluts. And it’s only done in situations where no one will know.

There used to be a Facebook group about going commando at band concerts. And some of them were girls. (I was just looking for a band group, honest! I also found a group that wouldn’t shave.)

Do a YouTube search for USC Song Girl Ass (or some variation; can’t check from work). It was at the Rose Bowl, where she twirled around and it certainly appeared to be panty-less. Turns out it was a wedgie… perhaps intentional?

Found the USC song girl/cheerleader

Ha!! I was just about to say that some of the girls in my HS used to wear flesh colored panties. And that was back in the 80’s. So I guess it makes sense they were just following her lead.

Thanks, Madonna! :smiley:

What better way to snatch a victory from the jaws of defeat?

This is one of the things that sucks about Big Ten country. By mid-October, the cheerleaders usually have to bundle up and you don’t see thigh, spankie, or anything else.

Of course, there’s always basketball season . . .

Which is why your teams get soundly trounced every time you play the SEC: cheer-babe professionalism.

In Jr hi the colors were gold and maroon. It was a new school and the first group of cheerleaders were to have gold panties with their uniforms but they came without. So one of the mothers just dyed some cotton panties gold. When the girls wore them the first time it looked like they where panty less. After that someone found some maroon panties for them. I know this because my girlfriend was one of the cheerleaders. This was about 70 in Cincinnati Ohio.

I was going to Google “cheerleader spankies” to properly judge your observation, but I had better wait until everyone else in the house has retired for the night.

Surprised me that some pretty much are panties. Granted, they’re “granny panties,” but panty-shaped nonetheless.

They are significantly thicker and much more opaque.