Do College Cheerleaders Not Wear Panties...

Don’t ruin my fantasy, please.

Huh. I’d never really considered thickness or opacity to be defining characteristics of underwear. As a dude, all my underwear has always been opaque, whether boxers, briefs, or boxer briefs. And I’m pretty sure I’ve at least seen panties that weren’t translucent, no matter how much my horny teenage self wanted them to be.

I just thought spankies always had short legs, not just leg holes. And that they were specifically designed to never show any buttcheek, no matter what the athletic position.

But I’ll gladly admit I’m no expert on women’s clothing.

Panties are going to be made of thin cloth so as to minimize panty line/wrinkles under clothes. Spankies don’t need to do that. Thicker cloth is generally more discreet, just in terms of how it falls–two t-shirts might be technically opaque, but the one with enough structure to stand on it’s own, as opposed to clinging, is going to be much more like clothing. Spankies are not panties.

Cheerleaders get too much press, female volleyball players are where the action is at. Hot athletic college age girls wearing skin tight short shorts, tight fitting tops and knee pads jumping around. I would take that over a cheerleader anyday, not that either is offering.

Since you like volleyball I suggest you watch beach volleyball. Hubba-hubba

I has assumed they did, I haven’t seen evidence to the contrary, but if they didn’t it would explain the popularity of college football.

On a related note…

At colleges that have bagpipers in their band or that otherwise have bagpiping, do the pipers go the traditional route and wear kilts with no underwear?

I think it depends on the exact uniform. At my high school, the danceline, twirlers, and cheerleaders all had uniforms where the skirt was directly attached to what’s effectively a thicker leotard. The entire outfit was one piece.

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