My screaming iPhone.

Earlier today my (3G) iPhone suddenly started making a loud, varying, high-pitched screaming sound. It was idle in my pocket at the time. I couldn’t get it to stop no matter what I did, and it seemed to be okay otherwise. After a couple minutes it stopped by itself. I was able to vary the volume with the control button.
Is Apple trying to get me to buy another #3 just before the newer version is released? Maybe they’re pissed at me for not buying #4? :wink:

My iPhone 3 is doing fine, thank you. With the latest and greatest software updates and all.
Perhaps you either need to reboot the phone (I’ve had phones of ALL vendors do bizarre things occasionally until they’re rebooted) or you have a hardware failure.
No other person that I know who also uses the same model have reported this issue.
Indeed, were ANY company to cause intentional errors in an older model product in order to induce replacement, said vendor would be both sued out of existence AND have corporate officers in prison, as it would be willful destruction of private property.

Looking for mangeorge’s winkie.
Oh, there it is!
Anyway, it sounded like feedback.
The ghost of Jimi Hendrix? I hope so.
:slight_smile: <(smilie)

take it in to the apple store to have the genius bar look at it.

Worst case, your 4 year old phone that has served you well needs to be replaced.

I am profoundly happy with my old iPhone, and I am eagerly awaiting the release of the next version.
It hasn’t repeated the squeal since.