My Sig Line

Usually, I end up with some comment on my sig line in a thread or e-mail, but my last few haven’t garnered any such. I really ought to just move on to the next one, but I gotta know – am I getting too esoteric and obscure? In other words, who “gets” my current sig:

Just wanna get a little feedback.

To be honest I don’t get it. Sounds like some obscure spin off from a contemporary Schrödinger’s Cat. What’s it from?

The main thing I noticed was that you misspelled “Baretta.”

I get it and I’m not a science-fiction fan. Anyway, I think half the fun of allusions is in spotting them for yourself. If this means you miss some, so be it.

Any more comments before I explain?

I got it. Deep in the “miscellaneous” bin of my skull there resides a few scraps of an old sci-fi flick with a distinguished-looking alien visitor and his huge robot pal Gort. Klaatu Beretta Nicktoons! Was it The Day The Yurt Stood Still? Come to think of it, Gort looked a little like a still.

Thank Og! This means I can go on making obscure puns.

I got it, but then I used to watch old 50’s sci-fi movies a lot.

Criminy! I shoulda gotten that. :smack:

I got it, but I’m chock full of all sorts of useless information.

Cal - I also got the reference to Klaatu, and knew he had some alien phrase, but did not know to play on Beretta or Nicktoons to get the phrase. I appreciate your sigs, even when I don’t get them - that is part of the challenge.

I get it now that I’ve paid attention to it. At first I thought it was just a vaguely humorous phrase.