My SIL Is The Shizzle Fo Rizzle!

My SIL is a pastry chef in the Cincinnati area. She has been making kick-ass desserts for awhile now, and in general, pastry chefs are the most shafted employees of the kitchen in terms of their pay versus hours of work plus their artistry.

In short, my SIL kicks major ass.

For example, you’ve seen this:

But what about this:

This especially:

I am an idiot.

Beautiful! I’ll have just-a-bite of each, please.

Why do pastry chefs get shabby treatment? I’m trying to think of a reason, don’t they consider desserts important?


Maybe cuz he didn’t marry her first? I don’t know, but anybody that can make Buttermilk Creme Brulee is the shizzle in my book.