My socks are falling down

And it sucks! It’s only 8:50, and my socks are slipping off my feet into my shoes. Today is not a good day :frowning:

You wore out the elastic, didn’t you? How many times do we have t’ tell ya – don’t roll 'em up together, man!

Buy new socks, mate. Tomorrow is another day. :slight_smile:

Socks are for weirdos. Ya big weirdo!


I blame your birdy legs. A sock can’t get a good grip on them birdy legs.

I bought a pair of Vans shoes that cause one of the socks to pull into the shoe. Does it with every pair of socks too… Sometimes its the shoe, see?

But how else do you keep up with them?

I mean really people, I need ideas that WORK:dubious:

Well, you can try rubber bands…or you can try masking tape…or even the all purpose solution, duct tape.

You might want a local anesthetic to take your socks off this evening, however. :smiley:

Try gluing your socks to your feet.

My SO just fold his matching socks together and stacks them in his drawer. That is, when we bother to fold the laundry at all (we go with the clean hamper/dirty hamper set-up more often, due to pure laziness!) You could try that, if it’ll help. I roll them together, but I’ve never had problems with my socks slipping (except for one or two really old pairs).

Well to be honest, when I say “my” socks, I really mean My brothers socks, since they really belong to him. Or did untill I stole them this morning casue I was to lazy to look for my own.


i am so close to trying that duct tape thing

It’s an epidemic! See this thread…

Staples, my man. It may hurt now, but think of the relief you’ll feel when you pop them staples out tonight.

And speaking as an older brother, GET YOUR PAWS OFF OF MY STUFF!!!

Staples, my man. It may hurt now, but think of the relief you’ll feel when you pop them staples out tonight.

And speaking as an older brother, GET YOUR PAWS OFF OF MY STUFF!!!

Sorry to multi-post, but I can’t stress that big brother stuff enough.

Casey, I AM the older brother. How do you think I took his socks? I jsut went in and said, Those are my socks punk, bow down! And that is why he hates me, but since he can’t kick my ass who cares?

And that’s a bad thing? I try to make that happen, since socks these days have such a powerful death-grip on one’s shin that they actually leave a super-dorky indentation on your leg. Do I need my sock to clamp on my leg like that? What sort of violent forces are they anticipating this sock encountering on my leg?

And thanks to the new space-age materials they use to achieve this elasticity, today’s freak socks are nearly impossible to purposefully stretch out. I’ll stick my foot partway in the top and yank on the other side of the hole with every ounce of strength I’ve got, and most of these socks don’t even hint at budging. Sure, once in awhile I’ll get the not-so-reinforced sock that will yield with a slight, satisfying “ri-i-i-ip’” but those are few and far between.

So your sock-portended bad day would have been a luxerious free-shin day for me. I’ll pay good money for those socks!

Rolling your socks doesn’t necessarily make them looser. I roll my kids socks but make sure the elastic isn’t stretched too far.
Geez, socks and underwear falling down all over the place…pretty soon we’ll be a Nudist Board!

When you get that far down th’ desperation road – make sure there’s vid footage of you trying to take the tape off at the end of the day, please. We all need a darn good giggle. :smiley:

Oh, yeah – if you’re wearing your bro’s socks, the slippage is the Fates’ way of telling ya to go out and buy your own. :slight_smile: