My somewhat interesting morning

First I went to Starbucks and read while drinking my coffee. A guy struck up a conversation with me, asking about the Japanese book I was reading. He said he had learned some French from his boyfriend. He seemed like a normal, well-spoken, polite guy so I nodded along with his chatting. Then he mentioned, “When you talk shit to the police they lock you in the mental ward. Why do they inject you with vitamin A in there when the sun is shining? Well, I’m a writer, so it’s good research.” I hastily demonstrated that my cup was empty, and fled the Starbucks.

Went to the Uniqlo store where the “heat-generating” clothing I posted a thread about some weeks back has now largely been replaced with “ultraviolet-blocking” clothing. Well, there was still a huge selection of XS heat-generating stuff. They must have thought they were still in Japan when they stocked their sizes. Next I took the subway to Times Square.

When I went to exit the station there was yellow tape across the turnstiles but a police officer said I could go up the stairs and out the open emergency gate, so I did. Walking up the stairs to the street I saw my way was blocked with more yellow tape, this time reading “Crime scene do not cross.” An officer who was busy setting up metal barricades grudgingly let me duck under the tape and come out. Yet the station wasn’t evacuated, or other exits blocked as far as I know. It was bustling with people. Odd. Anyway, I looked it up when I got home and they had apparently just caught Gelman, the guy who killed four people and attacked five others in the past couple of days.

And then I got home and got my first valentine from the SDMB Valentine Exchange!

This sounds like some crazy dream. :stuck_out_tongue: