My son chatted up a girl at the bar for the first time today!

Oh, and did I mention he’s only 6?

We have a great little English pub downtown and we like to stop there for lunch after church on Sundays. It’s family friendly until evening when it’s adults only. Today this guy came in with his daughter who looked to be about Charlie’s age. They hit it off great. It’s a small pub and the girl’s father was at one end of the bar talking with the bartender and Suburban Plankton and I were at a table. We let the kids sit at the other end of the bar together, drinking their sodas, drawing on bits of paper, and talking about well, whatever 6 year olds talk about.

When we went to leave, Charlie said to her, “It was nice to meet you, maybe I’ll see you here again sometime.” Alas, he didn’t get her phone number.

Just had to share. It was so cute.

That’s adorable, especially his closing line! What a smoothie!

It just made me remember something that happened when I was ten: I was in a pub with my parents and was ragging on this girl I’d just met (“Your trousers look like pyjamas!”) and she was being very giggly and responsive. We hit it off well for a couple of hours, and then she left with her family. After she’d gone, an old guy winked at me and said “That was a hell of a conquest, young man!”.

I had absolutely no idea what he was talking about. :smiley:

My (then) 15-month-old nephew, Jacob, hits on blondes in an understandably inarticulate and crude fashion.

The whole family was in a restaurant on vacation. Jacob was in a high chair and had his “sippy” cup while we waited for our food… and he was watching the waitresses come and go – one of whom was blonde.

The next time the blonde was approaching our table, my nephew held his sippy cup away from him, into the aisle, and very intentionally dropped it. (Bad boy!) Sure enough, the waitress picked it up before any of us could react, and gave it back to the baby and cooed over him a bit. (Jacob looked ecstatic.) You could say that his was not so much a pick-up line as a “pick this up” maneuver.

My sister-in-law (who is a fair brunette herself) explained that my nephew has done this several times before, but only with blondes, and that he generally perks up when he sees a blonde and pays more avid attention to blondes than brunettes.

He’s going to get in a lot of trouble when he grows up…

My cousin’s son is about 13 months old. Whenever he is being held by a woman he buries his face in their chest. I think he may get slapped for that when he’s older… :slight_smile: