My son found a "dinosaur" skull in the backyard

This Saturday the weather was great and my 4-year-old son (I like to call him The Boy) was playing in the backyard. I was in the basement finishing up a couple quick odd chores when I heard “Mommy, Daddy, come quick! Look at this!”

By the time I got to the kitchen, the skull was on the counter and The Boy, his 10-year old sister, and my wife were standing there marveling at it. “It must be a dinosaur bone!” “Wow, isn’t that cool!” “And you found it in the backyard?” “Yeah!”

My wife turned to me and mouthed “It’s a rat” so the kids couldn’t hear, I nodded and mouthed back “I know.”

The kids went out the back door to look for more dinosaur bones and my wife said “You know that’s a rat right?”

“Well, it might be a squirrel,” I replied. My wife reminded me of the rat that died in our backyard last fall and I remembered that awful smell.

Still, it was very cool to see that look of wonder in The Boy’s face. What kind of an evil bastard could ever tell a kid that the dinosaur skull that he found in his backyard is really a rat?

Well, maybe you could talk him down from dinosaur to pre-historic mammal. Sabre-toothed rat, anyone?

Now’s the time to bury things out in the yard that they can dig up and find later. :smiley:

You know he can build a dinosaur feeder in the backyard and they’ll come. :slight_smile:

I was sure that would be a picture of a goat tied to a stake in the yard.:eek::smiley:

No, that attracts newbie Dopers.

And the Squid.



(portentionsly…there are some things better left not spoken of openly.