my son likes rabbits

My son made his own web page yesterday.
He wants a rabbit (cause his teacher keeps hers in the classroom) and wants advice about owning rabbits.
Any bunny lovers and owners may go to his page and leave advice at

Let me try that link again

That’s a pretty cool page. :slight_smile:

Rabbits are perfectly cute and harmless. Honest.

Rabbits are a ten year pet. I buy rabbit food at Pet Pals, 50lbs is just $10.00

Hey vanilla, I just signed your son’s guest book with two bits of advice that a lot of first time bunny owners don’t ever hear. I can give you way more information on choosing a pet rabbit and taking care of it than you probably ever wanted to know ;).
Feel free to email me with any questions you might have, and I’ll try to help or point you to someone who can.

Good luck,

Thanks Mixie!
I hadn’t known that(advice)