My son stuck a crayon up his nose

Yeah, just like Homer Simpson.

SmithWife called me all panicky-like while I was driving home last night. It wasn’t a whole crayon, but give him a break - he’s only 19 months old! There’s only so much crayon a kid can cram, fer cryin’ out loud. I briefly examined him when I got home - his lip and nostril were a little red (from the crayon - not inflamed). I said “Stuck a crayon up your nose, did you?” Bam-Bam laughted and made a couple forceful snuffling sounds like he was trying to blow it out.

I figure it’ll work it’s way back out. We’ll see.

Kids. :stuck_out_tongue:

It’s still up there?

What, pray tell, will you do if he’s both missing crayons and walking funny?

Hard to say. I couldn’t see it.

Make Modern Art™

Dude, why haven’t you taken him to the doctor?

IANAD but I wouldn’t want to leave a foreign body lodged anywhere near the eyes and brain, I’d be worried about infection.

Take him to the doctor! Sheesh.

I don’t mean to alarm you and I’m sure your son will be fine, but if you think the crayon is still up there you really need to get him to a Dr. Items up the nose can cause infection in the sinuses or obstruct breathing. There is no guarantee it will work its way out on its own, and if it irritates the nasal passage it could cause swelling, making it less likely to come out.

Call your pediatrician.

On preview, what they said.

SmithWife did. He’s fine. :wink:

Was it still up there?

They took him to Moe Syzlak… “That’s right, I’m a surgeon!” for the old Crayola Oblongata-ectomy

Hmm, i think i’ll cue up the Simpson’s “Crayon in Brain” episode now, i think my Octo-Parrot would agree with me, right Polly?

“Wraak!, Polly shouldn’t Be!”
good bird, err–octopus…err octobird…

My daughter did roughly the same thing when she was just a little older except it was a plastic bead. I took her to the emergency room and we sat there for three hours. She asked me why other people where there and I told her that lots of other people did things like put beads up their nose and not to feel bad.

When we finally got called in to see the doctor, we walked passed an ancient old man sucking oxygen from a bed out it the hall. My daughter said “Daddy, that old man got a bead stuck up his nose too but it must have been bigger than mine!”

You’re forcing me to un-funny this thread, Kalhoun. He’d been chewing the crayon and trying to stick it up his nose, but SmithWife took it away from him. She panicked a little, thinking he’d broken a bit off in his nose (really, really unlikely, when you stop to think about it - but the sight of him with the crayon in his nose freaked her out, and when she took it away she saw the tip had been gnawed off). Our Pedi had a look, and determined that if there was a chunk of crayon up there she’d see it, and didn’t, and based on SmithWife’s narration of events it seems unlikely there was an actual crayon in his sinus a la Homer. More likely he chewed the tip of the crayon and maybe swallowed it - more likely there’s little tiny crayon chunks between the knap of our carpet. Our Pedi is pretty sensible, and errs on the side of caution, so I’m comfortable with her assessment.

I thought it would be a funny thread. I told my boss this story and he just laughed. Evidently, the folks on the SDMB are more concerned with the welfare of me and my kids than my workmates. Then again, I like you guys more than I like my work mates, so there you go. :stuck_out_tongue:

That should look more like this…

Sorry! I immediately thought of my friend who had to take her toddler to the doctor to have crayons removed from her vagina! Not that noses and vaginas are similar. I’m glad the little buckaroo is ok.

Can I hijack my own thread? OK, good.

We’ve taught our daughter to call her female bits her Fanny. So one day my mother-in-law was changing her diaper, and Cinderella asks: “Grandma, do you have a fanny, too?”, and my MIL syas “Yes, but mine’s a lot bigger than yours”.

SmithWife and I had a good chuckle over that.

My niece(N), aged 3, and her mother(M) were in the car a few months ago.

N: Mommy, where are we going?

M: To the gym.

N: why are we going to the gym, Mommy?

M: So Mommy can exercise.

N: Why do you want to exercise, Mommy?

M: So I don’t get a big hiney.

N: You already have a big hiney, Mommy.

M: Thanks a lot, kid.

For the record, Mommy doesn’t have a small hiney, especially in comparison to a 3 year old, and she’s unhappy because she’s never lost the weight she gained while pregnant with Niece’s little sister, but she’s not exactly huge either.

WhyKid pulled the same “did he or didn’t he stick something up his nose?” act when he was about 2 and a half. Skittles, it was. A green one. First he said he stuck it up his nose, then when we all put the pressure on him, clammed up and wouldn’t answer. So off to the ER we went, waited about 6 hours and they found nothing but a small green mucousy smear. So either it never went up there, or it did and it melted or it did and then went down the esophagus.

He’s perfectly fine, unless you count a tendency to clam up when there may be Bad Medical Things happening.

Hallboy put a rock in his ear. On three separate occasions. That was a long time ago though (thankfully!)