Thanks, Puffs... I needed a refresher course.

On the bottom of my Puffs tissue box, there are step by step directions complete with illustrations on how to properly blow your nose. What the heck? Notice that the link is under “Pointers for Parents.” Parents now need instructions on how to teach their kids how to blow? I’m pretty sure my mom managed tackle this task without a handbook.

Or maybe those directions on the box are meant for kids to read & follow. That’s another “what the heck…” Don’t most kids learn how to blow their wee noses before they learn to read? I know I did.

Do diaper manufacturers print instructions on their packaging? After seeing the tissue box, I wouldn’t be surprised.

Yeah, this is mundane and pointless. But I’m thinking that makers of everyday items assume consumers have zero common sense or that consumers *really don’t *have any common sense. Sorta reminds me of all the obligatory warning signs doubling as disclaimers on items like irons; “Caution, do not touch the working end of this product, it is hot while in use and may burn you.”

What products have you seen with directions and or illustrations that totally didn’t need them? And why are they there? It it because America is the Land of Litigation or because we’re just stupid beyond belief?

After seeing way too many toddlers with snot-covered faces because their parents can’t be bothered to wipe their running noses, I’m thinking if this helps the occasional Mom or Dad to rethink their ways, then it’s a good thing.

Ya know, you can do it wrong and hurt your ear drums. I remember one hint from a parenting magazine: “explain to your child that it’s like coughing, only thru your nose”.

Reminds me of what I think every time I hear the toothpick instructions bit in ‘So long and thanks for all the fish.’

“No society has ever really gone too far wrong by writing down stuff that people assume would be intuitive/common sense. Given the choice of having these things be unsaid (and making people who really don’t understand feel very foolish about asking them,) I stand behind publishing the information.”
Think it applies equally well here. Yeah.