My son won tickets to "Hamilton"

At 11 am Wednesday, my son received a phone call that he had won that day’s Hamilton lottery: the right to purchase two tickets to Thursday’s performance for ten dollars each. Scramble to find a baby sitter for a day and a hotel in NYC as he lives four hours away. He texted with a photo of his view from his front row seats before the performance. (His kids were upset that mom and dad were going away.)

:green with envy:

I hope he had a great time!

Ham for Ham! What a great opportunity.

Lucky! I saw it last week in San Francisco, it was great.
Go buy him the soundtrack so he can prepare.

Ham for Ham is tickets for the next day’s show. The lottery was Wed, he already saw the show yesterday.

Ah. He’ll still need the soundtrack to get all the words. Some of them go by real fast!
Hope he enjoyed it.

My daughter (Kayla) won it on May 2, 2015 (the night before thy had their last performance at the Public). She’d been trying since February.