My speakers are going crazy!

My computer speakers, if left on for more then 15-20 minutes, they start to make this wierd electrical counding clicking/snapping noise, and it starts just doing it periodically, but then get’s to a point when it is doing it almost constantly. ARG! It only started happening in the last couple days, and I am about ready to throw them out of the window. What could be causing this? :confused:

It depends, you could just have the volume up to loud.

not the case. It does it wheather the volume is high or low or turned all the way down. also, I forgot to mention that if I cut the power to them, they still crackle for about 5 seconds after, getting quieter slowly.

If the speakers have their own power supply (transformer), it ould be going bad. Can you try another one ( same output voltage/wattage)?

as in like a different AC adapter?

Yes. It should be marked with the output voltage and wattage.