"My speargun accidentally went off."

Suuure it did.

Short version: Brazilian man shoots his wife in the mouth with a harpoon. Claims he was cleaning his spear gun and it went off by accident.

Let the Great White Whale jokes begin!

“Hinn neenee neene neewhaa. Nuee leee meene neene na. Nuuumuuu wheee dee nuhh.”

He shouldn’t have left that harpoon in the chamber while he was cleaning…

**lieu **- you crack me up!!

“Spear gun” and “harpoon” are euphemisms, right?

My spear gun goes off in chicks’ mouths ALL THE FREAKIN’ TIME!



So. . .is the guy an idiot or a bad shot?

What happened? Why didn’t Moby duck?
Ahab a bad feeling about this…

She ran into my spear gun…She ran into my spear gun ten times.

Wow, I thought Russian Roulette was hardcore but those Brazilians really don’t play around.

All he really wanted was for her to call him “Ishmael” during sexytime role playing.

She totally had it coming.

Right in the blowhole.

Tonight on Fox: XTreme Dentistry!

For the final round they use muzzle loading muskets.

What’s what she said!..or she would have, if she didn’t have a harpoon in her mouth

Is that a harpoon in your mouth or am I just glad to see you?

“Spearguns need to be banned! Brazilians could be killed!”

“That’s terrible… uh, remind me, how many millions is a brazilian?”

I’m assuming this implement is intended to be used in the sea.

Freshwater ones are much safer.

I propose a salt speargun ban.

One of my favorite stories from my D&D playing days:

The halfling thief decide he needed to have something valuable that another character owned, and decided to ambush her.

He got one whack in, for 0 damage. The fighter basically asks ‘WTF?’, while deciding if she should retaliate. The hobbit says: “Sorry. I was cleaning my sling, and it went off.”

Honestly, how can you not know your speargun is loaded?

I think they should prosecute, on the eminently supportable grounds that he either intended to shoot her or is so mind-bogglingly stupid that it’s fair to prosecute him anyway.