My Star Chamber submission

At least he’s remorseful.


I love this quote:

“I ain’t gonna quit drinking,” Sherman told the newspaper. “And I sure ain’t gonna give up driving.”

Lovely. Jail the bugger. This is his announcement that he’s officially a danger to others. Perhaps he can be committed?

The guy in the article is a worthless idiot, and next time he’s charged it will be a felony I’m sure, but how is this a “Star Chamber” thing? I’ve always thought of “star chamber” as describing irresponsible, secret, and arbitrary judicial actions. This doesn’t seem to be of the same type.

I believe that Kang and Kodos is recommending this guy for the next session of the Star Chamber, to be considered for a little extra-judicial action (as in the Michael Douglas movie of the same name.)

The Star Chamber was a secret court in England that heard political crimes and carried out sentences. Secret in the sense that it was not open to the public, you were not allowed to defend yourself, call witnesses, etc. Most of the protections in the Bill of Rights were direct results of those abuses. If my memory serves me well, Ben Franklin was one of its last victims. He got off lightly, headed back to the colonies and stopped any attempts at reconciliation.

I’m confused by your reference to “abuses”. Don’t you mean “good ideas”?

Lemme see, 22 arrests for DWI in 20 years. Mr. Sherman lost his license in 1984. He has been driving unlicensed and under the influence over the course of 18 years! One might assume that he also drives uninsured. And he has stated to the media his intentions to continue doing so.

Mr. Sherman has said that he has spent half his adult life in jail, and by Grace, may he spend the last half of his life behind bars. Before a grieving family has to bury a loved one because of his irresponsible behavior.

As for a wife that will allow a drunk to get behind the wheel, I am at a loss for words.