My state senator was just arrested by the FBI

Extortion, bribery, etc. Complete with footage of her (allegedly, of course) stuffing wads of cash from undercover agents and/or informants into her bra. Makes me feel a bit better about having voted against her in the primary, which she lost. I’d been feeling guilty, as she has been a powerful advocate for causes that I agree with for her 15 year career (although I only moved into this district last summer), and is the only African-American in the state senate, but she had racked up a number of ethics scandals over the years, and her opponent has been working as a community organizer favoring pretty much the same issues (and would likely be the only Latina in the state senate).

And just to show how far from much of the mainstream US we are out here, I’ll point out that the only challenger in the general election is not from the Republican Party, but the Socialist Workers Party. Luckily, a good 228 votes in the primary (including mine) kept me from having to decide between the crook and the commie.

Well, gosh, what state are you in? Who is she? Inquiring minds–like me in Canada–do not know.

…Except, of course, if we clicked the link. Sorry. A cocktail or two after work.

She has other problems

Oh, that’s right, I need to pay the registration fee to get my location displayed. I live in Boston.

Yeah, things like that are why I voted against her in the primary. Although I’m not sure how much of that story had gotten into the news by that point.

In addition to accepting bribes, she has failed to file tax returns (Federal and State), violated legal ethics (by steering the family of the “Big Dig” tunnel collapse to a law firm run by a friend (she probably got a commission for that), and numerous other sleazy actions. This being Massachusetts, her friends (Gov. Deval Patrick, Mayor Menino, and her senate colleagues, were “shocked”).
Diane Wilkerson-a real scumbag politician-hope you sing like a canary!:smiley: