Updates from the Northland!

From troopergate to mayor bait: Walt Monegan has filed to run for the mayor’s slot, now that the incumbent is replacing Ted Stevens in WDC. He’ll have some stiff competition.

Mother’s little helper: The mother of Levi Johnston (remember Bristol Palin’s true love?) has been arrested on narcotics charges, part of which are for manufacturing and distributing. Since it’s Wasilla, it’s almost a sure bet that it’s methamphetamines. Just a wholesome family that anybody would want for in-laws.

From a jack to a jackass: John Cowdery, former state senator ® has changed his plea to “guilty” in the ongoing corruption scandal. This makes conviction number ten, with more indictments to come, including at least two more former state senators, one of whom is Ted Stevens’ son. The stench is almost overpowering, but the best part is that they are ALL REPUBLICANS! Yes, those oil-drenched crooks are getting what’s coming to them.

NO! NO!!!: A key witness in the Ted Stevens trial has recanted his testimony. Unfortunately for him, he has been tied to a scheme by one of the former corrupt senators who is trying to get himself out of legal trouble by claiming he was offered immunity. It’s very confusing to me, as he would have to show where he was ever offered said immunity, wouldn’t he? I went to school with this idiot, who hasn’t gotten any smarter with the passage of time. He (the former senator) was captured on video at Kinkos faxing the letter written by the witness, with the witness standing next to him. Witness tampering, anybody?

Gonna have to face it, she’s addicted to clothes: A board appointed by Sarah Palin has determined that she needs a $25,000 pay raise, as do legislators and the Lt. Guv. This comes on the heels of her highness announcing that she is pushing a budget that cuts such things as public housing capital projects and other programs, because “we need to tighten our belts”. She has said that she won’t accept a raise herself (yeah, right).

The fun here just never fucking stops. These stories and more are available for viewing at the Anchorage Daily News website. Free registration may be required.

I would like to thank states like Alaska and Illinois for taking a rare opportunity to make South Carolina look good.

Hear, hear, from “round on the ends and corrupt in the middle” land.

Not “true love,” he’s her "Endless Love."Also, I’d heard that it was probably pot, evidenced by the low bail she had set. I wonder if the pay raise will balance out the savings from selling the airplane [del]on eBay[/del]

Oh, man.

Well, I still miss the Chugach mountains with alpenglow on them, going to Nordstroms, and the aurora.

But some parts of Alaska just make me shake my head.

I was in Alaska a year and a half ago. Truly gorgeous country. Yearning for a return visit.

But Lord, you got some goofballs up there.

Try to keep up. It’s not goofballs, it’s meth!

Yeah, but you have your own state-level doofuses.

You misunderstand: these are the NORMAL people. The goofballs only come to light on rare occasions, like the guy who was just convicted of hacking his father to death and seriously wounding his father’s girlfriend with a machete, followed by a road trip to Anchorage where he murdered some poor random bastard before being apprehended. Why yes, he’s another Wasilla denizen; why do you ask?

Then there was the strange case of Michael Silka, who, in 1984, moved to the tiny end-of-the-road town of Manley Hot Springs. One day he just snapped and murdered seven people (including a 2-year old) for no particular reason, and chucked their bodies into the Tanana River.

Look, man, when you cast the devil out of a church he has to go somewhere.


The queen mother of all Seasonal Affective Disorders, maybe?

The Killer Queen mother of all Seasonal Affective Disorders, maybe.

Would that make him dynamite with a laser beam?

and guaranteed to blow your mind.

See I like this one better as “Sarah’s daughter’s baby-daddy’s mother”. It just trips off the tongue, does it not?

The NY Daily News headline started: “Briston Palin’s baby-grandmother . . .” Is that close enough? Baby-granny might be more homespun.

Nah, I think it’s gotta have ‘baby-daddy’ and Sarah’s name in it. Not bad for a newspaper, though.