A plea to Jon Stewart

I know you read this board, Jon. You’re too smart not to at least have one of your minions cruising the net. The bit the other night with Rob Riggle pretending to be in Wasilla was hilarious. But Jon, trust me, nothing is funnier than the reality of Wasilla, AK. Please, PLEASE send someone there to discover one of the biggest jokes in Alaska. There’s enough material on the main drag alone for a week’s worth of reporting. Thanks, man.

Will do.

Just kidding. I’m not affiliated with TDS

Weren’t you the guy who posted that Alaskan’s perspective on Palin thread that disappeared during amnesia weekend? If so, any chance you could re-post it?

And please please please keep the “that’s not what you said before” clips coming. Those are DESPERATELY NEEDED. (e.g. Karl Rove’s onscreen opinion of Palin (who was superbly qualified from governing Alaska for 2 years and then Wasilla before that) and then his earlier interview on Tim Kaine (what’s the governor for just 3 years of Virginia know? And before that mayor of Richmond, psst, only 200,000 people… unqualified)


Bill O’Reilly’s take on teen pregnancy when it was Bristol Palin’s (“a personal matter” so long as it doesn’t cost tax payers anything- fair enough) and his take on Jamie Lynn Spears’ last year (“the blame falls primarily on the parents of the girl. They obviously have little control over her”- this in his pinheads of the week segment). CNN won’t do this, Obama won’t do this, but you will.

TDS has been hysterical this past week…all the double talking crap out of the pubbies. And even Stephen Colbert has been practically breaking character to take potshots of the Republicans this past week. I guess it’s just too easy this time around!

Those were awesome, I wish the 24hr news networks would show stuff like that. Keep each other honest.

They’ve been doing a great job with that stuff. Seems like they found a higher gear this week.

Yeah, but I think most of what I said has been said by others by this point and in comments by me in other threads. The last thing this board needs is another Palin thread, although I guess this one qualifies as such.

Colbert’s jab about Lieberman having his head up McCain’s ass was priceless.

I thought last night was a truly fantastic episode of TV. I don’t have terrific recall for things like this but when they compared GWB’s 2004 speech with McCain’s thursday speech I laughed and cried at the same time.

“But my point is this. If your idea of confronting me is that I don’t ask hard-hitting enough news questions, we’re in bad shape, fellows…You’re on CNN. The show that leads into me is puppets making crank phone calls. What is wrong with you?” – John Stewart on CNN’s Crossfire

I think Stewart is probably a better commentator on the news than anything CNN will ever offer since they forced Lynne Russell out.


I just saw the episode where Jon Stewart “Lynyrd Skynyrded” Giuliani. My God. That was great.

The John McCain: Reformed Maverick video narrated by Ian McShane was the best thing I have ever seen.

John McCain: Abandoning Everything He Ever Stood For: 2006-present

I honestly think Obama should ask the Daily Show if he can use their cuts (or I suppose they could just recut it themselves) and play it as a campaign ad. It’s perfect.

I thought I heard some Republican say that the town she was mayor of was the second-largest city in Alaska. I found that hard to believe, so I looked on Wikipedia and was surprised that it’s apparently the fourth largest city, by population, and the population is less than 10,000.

And I loved the segment showing the contradictory statements from people like Bill O’Reilly. They did another one on Friday night where they asked Republicans to define “small town values” and most were at a loss to do so.

Ummm… it means traditional marriage. Uh, love of America… :rolleyes:

Rob Riggle is pure awesome. I thought it would be hard for them to find talent after Colbert and Carell left, but they managed to assemble the Best Fucking News Team on the planet.

Does anyone else think Riggle and John Oliver could make a good Hannity and Colmes sketch?

I don’t think the Daily Show team has been ALL that fucking brilliant lately. It’s just that the Republicans have been handing them incredible material to work with, over and over and over again. It’s not their comedic brilliance they should get so much credit for … it’s that they’re the only ones with the guts to point out the really, really, really obvious hypocrisy of the Pubbies. Jon Stewart was right when he asked, “What the hell is wrong with you?” The answer is that our MSM reporters and commentators are almost all gutless wonders.

However the news team does get annoying sometimes, maybe it’s just that “don’t be a dick” firmware upgrade I got, but when John Oliver at the DNC was bugging people during Hillary’s speech with “are we gonna heal?” I didn’t laugh, I just thought he was being rude. Likewise when they were annoying convention goers and senators and whatnot in their “interviews”, some of them were funny but sometimes I was just thinking “grow up.” Sure, they have guts, but I think a lot of their more recent material (not sure about the RNC, I’m about to start watching it) was more like the political version of little kids walking around school seeing how many teachers they could call poopie heads without getting in trouble than the kinds of humor that I usually get on The Daily Show.

They’ve been doing that style of interview for years. In fact it was much worse in the days of Colbert and Steve Carell. I am not a huge fan of that part of the show myself. For every gem there are several just awkward moments.

I know, but it seemed like it dipped lately. I found myself laughing at them a couple months ago, but it seemed like they, I don’t know, regressed. It was never my favorite part either, it just seemed like it got a little worse lately.