My street today

Well, not actually my street; but…

As I was passing by a neighbour’s apartment, I heard Christmas carols playing on their stereo – as I have almost every time I’ve passed by for the last few days. I mean, this woman plays Christmas carols over and over and over and over ad nauseum. Today I could hear her singing along, singing the lines just before the recorded lines, as if to let people know what line to sing next. Which may well have been; I could hear her teenaged sons linging with the music half-heartedly. A little bizarre. Maybe even a little surreal.

I walked down the alley to the corner market. On the way back the alley was decorated by bubbles coming from a balcony one level above the street. There was nobody on the balcony, but the bubbles happily floated from the nozzle of the bubble maker into the alley. I had to smile. Who wouldn’t smile at innocent bubbles floating by?

And of course I was greeted upon my return to my apartment building by Holstien the cat. She always greets me, as she knows I’ll give her a good scratch and a backrub.

That’s how it is in my neighbourhood today.

The idea of bubbles floating down in an alley is a really cool thought. I love it when I see people doing small things like that to make people smile.

[sub]It was Lawrence Welk, in the witness protection program. Shhh![/sub]

Where do I get a bubble machine?

No, really…

You know what was kinda strange? A while ago I was walking with my bro up our road and I suddenly thought it’d started snowing. I looked up and it was bubbles! Like the ones you get in the kitchen sink when you’re washing the dishes. Loads of them! Some in big clumps too. I went searching to see if I could find where they were coming from but they didn’t seem to have an origin. The sky was just raining bubbles! I went to the top of the hill to see where they were coming from. The sky. It was weird but…kind of nice. I shook my head and started back down the hill. How could I not smile?

Where else? On Ebay

[Don Ho]
*Tiny bubbles…
[/Don Ho

It’s such a nasty little alley, that the bubbles were a nice distraction. :slight_smile: