My three favorite ___'s are yuck, ick, and eeew.

In this thread, a certain poster (nameless, no reason to call them out) provides a list of favorite movies. While they are not bad films, the fact that they are his/her three favorites tells me all I need to know about this person - namely, that we would not be best buddies IRL. The list tells me that the person values style over substance and is a polar opposite of me.

So I was wondering, if you met someone at a party and they said “my three favorite _____'s are _____, _____, and _____.” what words in those blanks would get you to excuse yourself immediately?

“My three favorite foods are sardines, sauerkraut, and haggis”?

So you judge people by the movies they like? Kind of shallow aren’t you?

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Is that any worse than judging people by whether or not they judge people by the kind of movies they like?

I think the OP makes perfect sense, but I’m not going to answer the question for much the same reason I hate to single out one or two or three favorites in just about any category (food, band, book, color, etc.): I can think of so many pretty good answers, but none that I like exclusively enough to want to be identified with it or judged by it without taking into consideration all the other answers I might have given.

It may be in the spirit of the OP question to mention that, if I were looking to answer a personal ad (and who knows, it may yet come to that), I would probably eliminate from consideration anyone who made a point of telling her astrological sign: if you think that really matters, we probably wouldn’t hit it off.

I think I would steer clear of anyone who told me their three favorite comedicans were Adam Sandler, Pauly Shore and Carrot Top.

Anyone that told me their three favorite sports were golf, polo, and cricket, I’d probably run away screaming. Or any sports, for that matter. (Except no-holds-barred indiscriminate grappling. That’s pretty cool.)

I’m just glad this isn’t a much-used method. I may be pretty smart, but my tastes have always been toward the clever end of low-brow. I guess I make up for it with charm. :smiley:

I’m pretty tolerant, but I think I’d have to run from this one:

“My favorite writers are Danielle Steele, Dean Koontz, and L. Ron Hubbard.”


“Excuse me, but I cut my foot earlier and my sock is filling up with blood.”

<limps away dragging foot>

“My three favorite serial murderers are Gacy, Dahmer, and Ramirez.”

“My three favorite hobbies are vampirism, necrophilia and cutting.”

“My three favorite bands are America, Bananarama, and anything by Steve Miller.”

'My three favorite songs are Muskrat Love, Midnight At The Oasis and Sussudio".

“The most important qualities in someone are an expensive hairstyle or haircut, white teeth and a really nice car.”

“My favorite beers are Milwaukee’s Best, Natural Light, and Bud Light.”

“My favourite foods are sausages, mashed potatoes and tinned peas”


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That should be… “instant mashed potatoes”.

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Max :slight_smile:

“My three favorite pasttimes are golf, strangling animals, and masturbating.”

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My three favorite websites are,, and www.boy, did I screw up by posting this link.oops

And there’s a REASON I did not link #3. DON’T GO THERE! EVER!

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Okay, I’m going to go back into lurk mode for another year. Bye.

My three favourite shows are Touched by an Angel, Full House and Highway to Heaven.

I used to watch Walker, Texas Ranger but it got me too worked up before bed.

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