My toes hurt.

I posted in the rants how i fell off my deck and hurt my toes. Went to the clinic and the NP decided they might be broken. I have a very long 2nd toe and my 3rd toe both hurting like hell. I have jacked-up feet anyway, from ballet in my younger days. So she buddy taped my toes to their neighbors. That was okay. I limped around for a week and a half. I go back and she untapped everybody and my toes immediately swelled up. She said"hmmmm" and went got the doctor. He is not so sure they were ever broken. We decide it’s dumb to do xrays at this late date and I most likely won’t get a good picture because of my previously jacked dancers feet. So…I was prescribed compression socks and crappy ass pain pills. About an hour ago Mr.Wrekker brought my socks and pills home for me. I put the socks on and they hurt. I have had them on for 30min. or so. My whole foot is throbbing. Toes are still swelled. Are they supposed to hurt?

Not after the drugs kick in.

Yep, thats what I am shooting for.

If you have the means, I’d get another doctor. Like a podiatrist. The one you’re going to doesn’t sound like he knows what he’s doing.

Sorry for your pain Beck, hope you feel better soon!

I was thinking the very thing. I may get a second opinion. The drugs have kicked in and I have my foot up.

OK ------ and you’re also … ah, never mind. If the drugs have a good mellow going there is no sense on my stomping on it with an old joke. :slight_smile:

Having had foot pain, here are hopes it all clears quickly.

Yeah, man don’t harsh my mellow:)

Go to a podiatrist or orthopedic specialist. You need your toes. In the meantime, enjoy the mellow.

I’m pretty sure I broke one of mine once dancing around the bedroom with a calf cramp. It turned a lovely shade of purple with a perfect line of demarcation in the middle joint. I didn’t do anything because Doctor Google says there really isn’t much to do for broken toes. I just walked funny for a while because it didn’t like being bent.

I’m jealous that you got drugs.

I am a shameless beggar at the doctor. Occasionally they hook me up. But really guys the pain was bad when she ripped the tape off. Mr.Wrekker says I must go see someone else. My toes are huge. There is only a bit of the bruising leftover. I now think I should’ve insisted on xrays. But we will see.

I’m disappointed that you seem to have legitimate injured-toe issues and not mild old-person-feet issues like I have, because the $12 Dansko memory foam shoes from Walmart solved my problem and now I have half a dozen pairs of them.

Good luck!

IANAD. But, in the old days not much could be done with fractured piggies. Unless it was the biggie (the one that went to market).

Ask for more drugs.

That really sounds horrible. I agree: go to a podiatrist or an orthopod. I also think x-rays are called for. A doc who knows what he or she is doing should be able to read an x-ray, even if the foot is messed up from your ballerina past. Also, badly broken toes sometimes need surgery and/or a cast. You don’t want yours to heal wrong because a doc who didn’t know better told you there’s nothing to be done this late in the game.

Please update when you find out. In the meantime, to hell with the Socks of Pain!

I lost the socks a hour in. Too squeezy. Just think I used to dance on those toes. Yep, I am going somewhere else. This shit only happens to me.

Between bouts of gout and plantar fasciitis, I have had my share of foot pain.

Ice is my go-to. Stick your foot into a container of ice/water or use an ice pack. The cold is uncomfortable at first, but stay with it and you’ll thank me.

Oh, and cannabis and beer help.

My sympathies, beck, I’ve had my share of foot problems and surgeries, and they still hurt a lot of the time. I really hope the painkillers are starting to do their job. I agree 110% with what the others have said, get to a podiatrist sooner rather than later. I know sometimes it can be a bitch waiting to get in with a specialist, but if you explain your situation maybe they can squeeze you in. Feel better!

One more thing, after surgeries, they always had me use an ice bag under my thigh, a few inches above the knee. This may help with your swelling and stop the nerves from throbbing as opposed to holding the ice directly on your piggy toes.

I’d also recommend orthopedic foot surgeon/doctor. I fell down too and my big toe was hurting so much. The x-rays showed nothing, so the doctor did an MRI because he could see I couldn’t bend my toe at all (when the other toe could) . I was diagnosed with bone contusion, and apparently when these bruises are on the feet and ankles, it could take up to a year to heal ! I’m halfway there and it hurts here and there. I was given an cortisone shot on top of toe, and use ice packs sometimes.

Nah; it happens to lots of us. With me it was a finger that healed badly after poor treatment but that is why God invented lots of different doctors and pushy spouses to make us go to them. Will keep my fingers crossed including the one I mentioned.

I made a call to get a referral. Waiting on the call back. There happens to be a decent pod-doc close to me, so I hear thru the grapevine. That’s who I want to see. Crossed toes I can get in before hell freezes over. I can hardly walk today. Dog walks are out. I have a friend coming over to take them out for awhile. They weren’t too happy about the short walkies this morning.